5 astounding ways to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2018

There’s only a few days left to the BIG Prime day. Make sure you take advantage of the amazing deals. Here are 5 astounding ways to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2018.

5 astounding ways to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2018

5 astounding ways to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2018

The upcoming Amazon Prime Day this year 2018 will begin on July 16 at 3pm Eastern Time. The Prime Day deals are only available to Prime members. So check below how you can take advantage of the epic deals!

Hint: Even if you are not yet a Prime member you can take advantage of this awesome Amazon Prime Day event! So read on.

1) Join as a Prime member for free

Yes you read that right! I’m starting off with obviously the most important tip of all.

You do not need to pay for Prime membership especially if you have not been an Amazon Prime member before. Amazon gives you the chance for a 30-day free trial.

  • That is one month of free membership as a prime
  • You can take advantage of all the benefits of a prime member such as the free 2-day free shipping
  • There’s also Amazon Videos and Music that comes with prime membership
  • And obviously you’ll be able to take advantage of the Prime Day epic deals

You can cancel anytime so as to avoid getting charged for the Prime membership. However, if you do wish to continue on with the Prime membership, the price is CA $79 for one year of membership.

This first tip alone is a huge deal already so what are you waiting for click on any of the banner ads to try out Prime membership.

2) Get 2-day fast & free shipping

As I mentioned above the Prime day is only available to Amazon Prime members and one of the biggest perks of being a member is having the option for a 2-day fast and free shipping.

Gone are the days where you have to wait for several days or weeks before you get your orders getting delivered. Amazon has truly set the bar when it comes to fast shipping. I for one can attest to this. I have ordered several items from Amazon as a Prime member and they have truly stayed true to their promise.

Also, as a Prime member there is no minimum purchase to make in order to avail of the free shipping. For non-Prime members, usually you’ll have to spend above $25 before you can get a free shipping. And that by the way this is just regular shipping which would likely take a week before you get your ordered merchandise.

You see there is truly a huge advantage in become a Prime member. Order whatever item you like with no minimum purchase needed and get it fast and free shipping, for as long as the item is Prime elligible.

3) Be on the lookout for coupons to save even more

Coupons are some more ways to add to your savings as you shop in Amazon as a Prime member!

You can check out what coupons are available by clicking on the link Deals Store > Coupons. This is located at the top of the page of Amazon’s website, just below the search box.

Once you get to the Coupons page, navigate through the coupons and clip the ones you want to take advantage on.

4) Subscribe and Save

This is one feature of Prime membership that I really like and I personally use. For those household items that you frequently buy in the store, Amazon has come up with a better way of doing this.

You can take advantage of the Subscribe and Save feature wherein you can purchase a product automatically at regular intervals. You set it up one time and let Amazon handle the rest. You always have the option to modify your orders or cancel at any time.

You will also receive a reminder email when the order is just a few days before it gets processed and delivered to your door.

As an example, here’s one that I’ve personally set up for myself.

  • Bathroom tissue is one item that we regularly and frequently purchase every month or so
  • So I set up a Subscribe and Save for a bathroom tissue every month
  • I get my deliveries on time and sometimes even a few days ahead of time which is always welcome and this all happens automatically
  • Therefore I never worry that I will ever ran out of bathroom tissue
  • If I see that my supply is still plenty enough to last for another month then I simply skip my next delivery

There you have it folks, now isn’t that nice and hassle free.

And to top this off you also get discounts for your Subscribe and Save items upto 15% of savings. Truly amazing!

5) New products exclusive to Prime members

And the final tip I have for you guys and gals is Amazon is offering tons of new products that are exclusively available only to Prime members.

That’s another astounding reason why you would never want to miss this upcoming Prime Day deals.

There’s not much to say about this but other than don’t miss these deals. Join now!

And that’s my 5 astounding ways to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2018. You do not need to wait to join or try Prime membership until July 16, you can try it now since you get free 30 day trial anyways. So what else are you waiting for.

Click the banner ads and try Prime membership.

Oh and here’s one final bonus tip for you so that you don’t miss out on deals whether on Prime Day or prior or even after Prime Day. You can (1) download the Amazon app then (2) mark your calendar on July 16 at 3pm ET and (3) check for deals on d-day!

Lastly, if you are into home automation check out some of Amazon’s Alexa devices here.

I hope this has been informative and helpful and feel free to comment below if you have any questions or feedback.

Thank you for reading. Cheers!


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