5 Cool Mothers Day Gifts for 2018

It’s that time of the year when we honor the one person that brought us into this world – our mothers. This coming May 13, Sunday, is Mother’s Day. Here are some ideas for Mothers Day Gifts for 2018 to make our moms feel extra special and well appreciated and loved.

Mothers Day Gifts for 2018

Most precious gift

First of all, I would like to start this with the most precious gift we could ever give. It’s not money or jewelries or greeting cards or what have you. It is not even tangible actually.

What I am referring to is your time. We all know of the saying, “Time is gold”. And that is indeed very true as we all know when we give time it is something that we can never get back. So time is precious in a sense that once you give it it’s gone.

So I would like to encourage everyone of us this Mother’s day to spend some precious moments with your mom. Obviously you would want to give her something tangible as well as a gesture. However, I’m pretty sure she will most appreciate the time you’ve given her to celebrate the occasion.

All that being said, here are some ideas for Mothers Day gifts for 2018 you can easily buy at Amazon. Also, if you have Prime membership you can get these items shipped out and delivered to you in a couple of days. Just in time for the Mother’s day.

Mothers day gifts for 2018

The first on our list of ideas for Mothers day gifts for 2018 is something handmade and can be personalized. It’s a nice touch to give a gift that has been custom-made or personalized especially for our mothers. So number one on our list is… (drum roll please)

1. Personalized handmade decals

Personalized handmade decalsPersonalized handmade decals

I’m pretty sure most if not all moms love to decorate their homes. They seem to always want to make the home look nice and warm and cozy. These personalized handmade decals are a nice gift to give to our moms.

These are made by LucyLews Personalized Decor. They have a track record of average production of two days. You can browse their other designs or you have the option to completely customize your own.

Some ideas for a decal for example is your mother’s name. Or perhaps you family name that can probably go up on their living room wall. Another one is a motivational phrase or quote. Personally I like the idea of a motivational phrase or quote. It can be put up let’s say on the bathroom or even the hallway just on the way outside the door. It sort of helps prepare to start the day on a good note. You can custom order your favorite motivational quote.

One other idea is the undying message of, “I/We love you mom!”. I’m pretty sure every mom would love to hear (or read) those words from their children. It expands their heart every time. So a decal on the wall to remind them how much we love them is a really nice gift idea.

2. Relaxing Spa – Essential Oils Aromatherapy Gift box

Relaxing Spa - Essential Oils Aromatherapy Gift box

Next one on the list, is a Relaxing Spa – Essential Oils Aromatherapy Gift box.

We would all agree that our moms are truly extraordinary individuals. They do a lot of awesome things that we can’t even comprehend how they do all of those.

  • cooking tasty meals everyday
  • do our dirty laundry
  • washing the dishes
  • cleaning the home
  • folding our clothes and putting them into our respective closets
  • buying groceries
  • decorating the home
  • doing gardening and planting beautiful flowers
  • going for a walk with the family pet dog
  • taking care of the baby
  • having a full-time job

Imagine all of those chores, and they can still stay beautiful and full of energy and life. Moms are just plain and simple awesome. It is amazing how God created our mothers and gave them super powers to be able to do all these stuff.

But don’t get me wrong. I am not stereotyping women or mothers at all. I am not saying that these chores should only be done by women or mothers. By all means these should be shared amongst all the members of the family.

Now with all these amazing things our moms can do, they do deserve a break. They need some “me” or “alone” time to relax and be pampered. They want to feel beautiful.

This relaxing spa – essential oils aromatherapy gift box would be a nice way for them to get some relaxation time.

The Gift Set Includes

  • 1 soap of your choice
  • 1 lip balm of your choice
  • four oz bath salt Pink Grapefruit
  • muscle rescue balm tin
  • skin rescue balm tin
  • a gift box with navy grosgrain ribbon
  • a gift tag

Let’s give our mothers their well-deserved break and let them get pampered with this gift idea.

3. Flower bouquet multi-colored tulips

Flower bouquet
I mentioned earlier that mothers like decorating the house or the home. Another great idea for a gift is flowers. I think this one idea never grows old. Flowers make our moms happy. It also makes a nice addition for a decoration in the home.

You can buy your mom some roses, tulips or any assorted flowers and I’m sure they will appreciate and like it a lot. Giving flowers to someone makes them feel special. For some magical reason flowers give that effect. Even for the one who gives the flowers, there is that sense that you give flowers to someone special and very dear to your heart.

So go ahead and buy some really nice flowers. You can browse in Amazon all kinds of flowers that you can buy online.

4. Herb garden kit

Herb Garden Kit

Now let’s move on to the next one. Most mothers like flowers and I guess it goes along with them liking to plant or do gardening.

This next cool and unique gift idea combines the love for gardening and also for cooking healthy foods. This herb garden kit is complete and can help your mom plant 4 kinds of herbs easily.

The herbs are:

  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Chives
  • and Parsley

This comes in one sleek box that has everything they’ll ever need to grow these herbs. It’s a unique gift for our unique and awesome mothers. It can also pass up as a decor in the home when they have their own plants grown in the house.

Not to mention also the savings that will eventually come from not having to buy these herbs in the groceries.

These are sold by Planters’ Choice and they have the best growing success rate on the market. These are 100% organic and NON-GMO seeds from the best local farms in the USA. Also, our moms don’t need to have a green thumb in order to successfully grow these herbs. The kit comes with an instruction booklet that is easy to follow and most comprehensive.

They come with 100% satisfaction guarantee or else you can request for your money back.

The herb garden kit is a really unique gift that can feed into our mom’s desire to decorate, to do gardening and to cook healthy foods. That’s three birds with one stone kind of idea. Now isn’t that nice and cool! c”,)

5. Super Mom Coupons – Make any day a Mother’s Day

Super Mom Coupons - Make Any Day Mother's Day

Here’s one that’s quite unique and very thoughtful in my personal opinion.

This is an adorable collection of personalized coupons to let your mom know how much you love and appreciate her. You can make any day a special Mother’s Day for your mom with these personalized gift coupons.

You can tear out and give to your mom to make her feel special.

Sample of included coupons:

• A day of complimentary, full-service laundry

• Her own personal garden assistant

• One week of personal caffeine delivery service

• A sparkling-clean bathroom

• One full week of daily super-duper extra-thorough dish duty

Like what I mentioned above, household chores are not just a mom’s thing. Every member of the family should help out, especially if you are still living with your mom. Although this can still apply if you have moved out of the house and living on your own.

This is also a very nice opportunity to give the precious gift of time to your mom. A thoughtful way of giving your mother a well deserve break from chores and so they can relax while you pamper them or do the chores in the house for them.

It’s quite unique and thoughtful and also humorous in some respect. It’ll definitely put a smile on your mother’s face.

Go ahead and grab one of this and make your mom feel extra special whether on Mother’s day itself or any other day.


There you have it, some suggested ideas for Mothers Day Gifts for 2018. These are not an extensive list but I hope it will help jump start your brains to find thoughtful ways to show love and appreciation for you mom.

I hope these will help and have a wonderfully blessed Mother’s Day for all the moms all over the world. We love you!


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