AWOL Academy reviews – my personal experience

Of the tons of affiliate marketing training programs out there, I came across this and here is my AWOL Academy reviews.

AWOL Academy Reviews

As a disclaimer this is my personal opinion and experience and I am in no way promoting AWOL Academy whatsoever.

Se let’s get right into it.

Who is AWOL Academy

Website: (Note: this is not an affiliate link to their site)

Founders: Cameron George and Kaela Kanae (yes that’s them below)

Cameron GeorgeKaela Kanae

AWOL Academy is an affiliate marketing training academy where their main focus is email marketing. They have several different membership courses.

  • Pro Academy
    • A step-by-step guide to becoming a Pro-Internet marketer
    • Price: US$ 99.00
  • Inbox Academy
    • Training to become better at writing effective emails
    • Price: US$ 297.00
  • Conversion Academy
    • Course that supposedly will help you increase your conversion rate
    • Price: US$ 997.00
  • Traffic Academy
    • Increasing the traffic is the main focus of this program
    • Price US$ 997.00
  • Masters Academy
    • Program that trains more on money management, strategic tax planning and investing
    • Price: US$ 3,497.00

My Personal Experience

In my pursuit of expanding my knowledge and looking for ways in earning some extra income online, I came across AWOL Academy.

I joined one of their live webinars and watched and learned from their presentation. They do have a very nice presentation and they even guarantee that they can really help you make money from email marketing. Their process is very clear and understandable.

I learned from the webinar how to create a sales funnel, which is essentially would be the bread and butter of your email marketing business.

Sales FunnelThey explain the process very clearly and if you think about it this is indeed basically the core of email marketing. Convincingly enough their presentation and captivating words would motivate you to hunger for more knowledge.

However, joining their training program is not free. As I indicated above, to be able to access their Pro Academy you’ll have to pay US$ 99.00. They do offer money back guarantee for the first 14 days.

So did I join?

Yes, I ended up being convinced and joined the Pro Academy with the intention to check out their training program.

I went through the Pro Academy training course and did the whole course in about a week. The course mainly expounds on what they taught in the webinar and obviously more. They tell you what tools and resources they would recommend for you to use, such us domain registration, hosting, autoresponder and some other stuff.

Mind you, all these other tools and resources that they recommend, again does not come for free and they themselves are affiliates of these, which basically they earn more money as you subscribe to these. So they’re essentially cashing in more and more as you learn from them.

I do get it, I’m not saying it’s not right, they themselves use these tools and resources, however, I just find it a bit too much expense on the student and more income for the trainer.

What happened next

After completing their Pro Academy training course and some bonus courses that they also offered. AWOL Academy offered me with all the courses combined and also with a guarantee that you will earn $10,000 in 90 days all of that for the price of US $10,000 as well.

My personal take on it, is that’s quite an offer. Notice that in the end you’ll just end up break even. But in actuality you’re still going to be in the red, because this does not take into account your monthly subscription fees to the tools and resources and as well as your expense for advertising.

The $10,000 guarantee is purely gross sales not accounting your expenses yet. So you still need to recover your other expenses.

Nevertheless, the offer is still attractive in my honest opinion. If one can really learn how to earn $10,000 that quickly then rinsing and repeating it from there should follow, which then would likely bring your business into profitability.

Did I take the bait

Yes it is indeed quite an offer and very attractive, however, the short answer is no I did not take the bait.

Their guarantee of earning $10,000 in 90 days, which they even backed up with another guarantee, that if you did not reach that goal, they will literally hand hold you until you reach that goal is really quite appealing. BUT the guarantee seems to me no guarantee at all.

The factor I’m considering is time. Yes they may be able to help you earn that much, but the question is how quickly. Would the 90 days guarantee really come into fruition as they say? And if not, yes they will hand hold you, but would that really get you there quicker?

Can you see where I’m getting at? Do you remember that I told you, you’ll have some monthly subscriptions with the tools and resources that you’ll need for this business?

So in essence, your expense keeps coming in but the guarantee of profits is really not guaranteed.

Also, the cost of joining to get everything is $10,000 which is not something an average person would have lying around in their bank. That’s a pretty hefty price to pay if I may say so.

What do you think, will you yourself take the bait? Let me know your feedback below the comments section.

How will you earn the $10,000

This question is also still a question to me. Now I did some researching in Google and I found some comments and feedback there that states that the training program that they will teach you to earn the $10,000 profit promise is via marketing the AWOL Academy program.

So if that is indeed true then basically, they will help you earn your commission until you reach $10,000 by teaching and making you sell their program.

Can you see how kinda screwed this is? It maybe true that you’ll earn that $10,000 but mainly because you’ll be selling the same training program for $10,000 as well.

Now I don’t know the commission percentage but I find it very advantageous for AWOL Academy and their founders! It’s win-win for them but not really so much for you as the new student.

Again, this is just some feedback I read so don’t quote me on it. If someone who has joined AWOL Academy fully can prove or deny then feel free to comment below.

Did I continue on with AWOL Academy

After completing the Pro Academy training course within a week and having seriously considered their $10,000 offer, which as I said I did not take the bait. I requested for a refund for my $99 Pro Academy membership.

The good thing about them is they did refund me my money quickly so they’re no scam when it comes to that as they do stand by their money back guarantee.

The Verdict

AWOL Academy is too pricey or too expensive for me. That may be detrimental but as the founders would say they value themselves and the wisdom and knowledge they posses to be of high quality. This is their reason for the hefty price.

I still would give them a rate of 4 out of 10 as their training course looks really solid. But with consideration of the price I would say their products and services is not for the average person. You’ll need to invest a large amount with their training in order to gain access.

Do not fret though. See my recommendation below of something better.

Something better that I recommend

One other affiliate marketing training platform that I came across with is Wealthy Affiliate. This is what I would highly recommend more than any of the other affiliate training programs out there!

To put it into comparison, below is a table of what Wealthy Affiliate offers as compare to AWOL Academy.

See my honest review of Wealthy affiliate here.

Feel free to comment your feedback below.

12 thoughts on “AWOL Academy reviews – my personal experience”

  1. Wow! Very interesting. That is a lot to invest! I am currently involved with WA also, and I really appreciate the report on AWOL. Sounds like something to consider, but I think I will stick with WA for now.

    1. Mark

      Thanks for the feedback Jamie. Yes AWOL’s program indeed comes at a hefty cost.

  2. Hey Mark! Thanks for this post. I had the same experience as you with AWOL. I went a far as the $99 Pro Academy and decided against it. They were talking $17,000 when I was looking into it (for the whole shebang). From what I understood, you could purchase one section for the lesser dollar amount but ultimately you’d end up paying the whole amount to have access to the whole training. I checked reviews on AWOL to see if it was a scam and that was when I came across someone who is a Wealthy Affiliate member saying that this was the way to go. I am so grateful for this guy and for Wealthy Affiliate. Granted, it’s work, but I feel like I am learning everything step by step (at a price I can afford). I’m learning slower that I like, but that’s just me. I was also exposed to another company called Legendary Marketer and they have a very similar program to AWOL except that it’s much cheaper $2500 and you get a coach that helps you along the way. You are marketing their program, but the idea is that you learn the program to use for your own site once you promote their business, learn by experience selling theirs. They teach you how to do digital marketing and how to create digital learning programs for yourself. That’s what I got out of it anyway. So glad I’m with WA. It’s much more of what I want to do and the community is great!
    All the best,

    1. Mark

      Good for you Dina! I hope you were able to get a refund for the $99 Pro Academy that you paid for with AWOL Academy. For me I went through the Pro Academy course within a week and after that, same as you, I decided against it and requested for a refund. Coz it was still within the 14-day money back guarantee that they were offering at that time.

      I’m quite surprised that now they’re offering the whole package at $17,000!!! Man I find these guys are really greedy. A 70% increase from how much they were offering it back when I checked them out, which by the way is just only over a year ago. Granted they may have revised and made their program better but heck that’s a fairly significant amount to increase a program.

      I’m glad you eventually found Wealthy Affiliate. Like me I am a very happy camper at Wealthy Affiliate. Best regards.

  3. Appreciate your honest and relatable review. I agree – $10,000 is quite the entry fee. There are definitely more affordable opportunities, like Wealthy Affiliate that don’t require such a substantial effort to get things started. The Comparison you’ve provided at the end of the post is great for pointing out what really makes WA stand out!

    1. Mark

      Thanks for the feedback Christen. My hope is that for those people that are considering to try the AWOL Academy program somehow finds my review here and instead consider giving Wealthy Affiliate a shot. Not to mention it’s a whole lot less expensive than AWOL Academy.

  4. Hi Mark. Interesting article here about Kaela Kanae’s program. I was always wondering who he was because every time on YouTube, they would always show an ad of him saying “Hey what’s up my friends? Kaela Kanae here!” But now I have an idea of who he is. Someone sketchy. And about the testimonial thing, just so you know, they actually have t document and report those results under federal law and if they don’t, they are selling the program illegally. You can read more about it at this link: Thanks a lot for the article.

    1. Mark

      Glad I was able to help in some ways. I, as well, do still see some ads from Kaela Kanae. That is actually part of their strategy to advertise in order to capture potential customers. I guess every business do advertise so I’m not saying that it is wrong. It’s just the cost of their program comes at a very steep price.

      I’m not following you on the testimonial thing though. What do you mean?

  5. The old saying applies here like in any business you have to spend money to make money .But that is way too much money to invest just to hopefully break even .As was pointed out not everyone has $10,000 lying around under there mattress .Never mind the monthly expenses for marketing.
    Great post thanks for sharing but the wealthy Affiliate is the best online training platform around for a reasonable fee and the rewards are priceless.

    1. Mark

      Very true. In any business there is always a cost for starting up. The sad thing though is that some people are ripping off others just to make a profit for themselves. A $10k online program is really way too much for most common people, myself included. I pity those that would blindly take their bait. I suggest do your due diligence and try to search for other alternatives. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the alternatives out there and their pricing won’t rip you off.

  6. I can totally relate to your whole experience, I have been there multiple times. Wealthy Affiliate is a No Hype, No B.S, No Gimmick Company that actually teaches you how to make money online at a fraction of the cost of other “similar” programs.

    1. Mark

      I couldn’t agree more Jason. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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