Best Christmas Gifts 2017 – High ratings!

With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, a lot of people are looking for the best Christmas gifts 2017. That being said, I took the initiative to compile a list that’s hot and I find interesting in Amazon. I myself would likely purchase some of these to give as a present to friends and families. For US customers click here.

Best Christmas Gifts 2017

Do not fret, there is still time to get some cool gifts. It is not yet too late but obviously do not procrastinate so that you don’t miss having the items delivered on time before Christmas.


The criteria that I considered in looking for nice and cool gifts are the following:

  • Tried my best to look for those not too expensive, preferably below CA$ 50.00
  • Has received a decent amount of reviews from consumers or buyers
  • Has about 80-90% positive reviews in the 5 or 4 star rating

So these are my main considerations and I do hope you find these items interesting as well.

Check it out and grab some for your friends and families too! Click on the title of the product or the image to head to Amazon and buy from there.

Now on to my Best Christmas gifts 2017 list.

Best Christmas Gifts 2017 – Adult (Gender Neutral)

Here are the hottest and highest ratings that people are buying. I do believe these would qualify as nice and cool gift idea for family, relatives and friends.

What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game

What do you meme? Adult party gameThis one is a cool idea for a present.

Warning though that this is not intended for children so there are likely adult content in this game.

This can be used or played during a party or occasions. I’d say, this would qualify as a good gift to give to a an adult individual or especially a couple.

With this game, players will be competing with friends and family to create the funniest memes.

It comes with 300-435 cards (85% caption cards and 15% photo cards). Actual number needs to be verified from seller. The cards are printed on premium playing cards (thick with gloss finish); includes easel and bonus rules, shrink-wrapped in a custom box.

Now let’s see what are the buyers or customers who purchased this game are saying.

Product review

This product received about 300 reviews as of the time of this writing and with ~85% rated at 5 and 4 stars. Common comments from buyers says, “super fun and hilarious game” and “really fun game to play with friends and families” and “this game had us laughing so hard“. People also say that the game is super easy and fast to learn so players will be having fun in minutes after starting, no learning curve needed.

Now to be neutral, obviously there are still negative comments. Those that gave it a one star are about 3% of those who submitted a review.

The negative comments that it received were saying that for one the product description said there were 435 cards but one customer commented that they only received about 300 cards. Another negative comment was saying that it wasn’t really fun. One comment I read was complaining about spelling.

Nevertheless, this ranked on top of toys and games in Amazon and with ~85% satisfied buyers I’d still include this in my Best Christmas Gifts 2017.

Price: CA$ 39.99 (as of writing this review)

Shipping Options: FREE / Eligible for Prime 2-day shipping / Eligible for Two-Day shipping

Best Christmas Gifts 2017 – For Men

I’ve been looking around for the coolest and interesting gifts for men and the one that I find below I would say would be a common gift given to men.

BIOSTON Natural Wood Watch

BIOSTON Wood WatchWatches are one of the common gifts I find that are given to men.

My spouse herself usually gives her dad a watch as a present and I can see that my father-in-law appreciates and likes it a lot.

I also have received a handful of watches as a gift in my lifetime so I think you’ll never go wrong with this one.

I picked this wood watch by BIOSTON, mainly because of its uniqueness. I’ve never seen a wooden hand watch before and I think it will look really cool!

Product review

Most reviews shows that majority of those who bought this are satisfied with what they received.

However, to be fair and neutral, some negative feedback I’ve read are about the color of the watch not really matching what’s shown online. Mostly they say its a bit darker than what’s in the picture online so you’d want to take note of that.

The other not so good feedback I’ve read is that there were sawdust in the box so you’d likely want to clear that out especially if you’re giving this as a gift.

Nevertheless, I’d still put this in one of my best Christmas gifts 2017 for men’s list. I find it really cool and unique.

Price: CA$ 39.99 (as of writing this review)

Shipping Options: FREE / Eligible for Prime 2-day shipping / Eligible for One-Day shipping

Click here for other options for watches sold in Amazon.

Also if price is not too much of an issue check out my post on Fitbit Activity Trackers.

Luxury RFID Blocking Men’s Slim Aluminum Front Pocket Wallet w/ Money Clip

Luxury RFID blocking Slim WalletThis next one is a minimalist or slim wallet. It’s price is a bit above $50 but not too much.

I find this one also quite interesting. As someone who carries about a handful of cards in my wallet every day, I am very interested in wallets that are slim. I don’t like bulky ones and I guess who does, right?

This is also a front pocket wallet so the slim factor is really a major consideration.

This come with a bit of a price tag though but as the name implies it is “luxury” so that may justify it. Up for you to decide.

Product review

Now I’ve read some of the reviews and this one actually had a lot of reviews with almost 90% of them either a 5 or 4 stars.

One important feedback that I’ve read is that this looks to be the one with the highest quality among other options. There were a couple of people who have mentioned they’ve tried a whole bunch already but this comes out at the top by far.

As expected the most likable feature of this wallet is the slim form factor. The quality is also very good and looks elegant. The color comes in black and grey options.

One other cool feature of this is the RFID blocking technology, which is a security feature that protects your card information from getting stolen via radio waves.

As for the negative feedback that I’ve read, there were a couple or so that mentioned some (not all) of the screws were rusted. But they said it did not really affect the functionality of the wallet other than the rusty look with some screws. I would expect that if this really bothers them they can request for a replacement.

All that said, this wallet is definitely also going into my best Christmas gifts 2017 list.

Price: CA$ 55.00 (as of writing this review)

Shipping Options: FREE / Eligible for Prime 2-day shipping / Eligible for One-Day shipping

Swiss Gear Rainproof Backpack

Swiss Gear Rainproof BackpackThis next one that I recommend and suggests is one that I’ve also purchased twice just within this year to give as a gift to a friend.

That obviously qualifies it for me as a nice and cool present to give.

This backpack is fully loaded with features that can be suitable for business travelers and/or students. It comes with a laptop compartment that can fit 15″ and 17″ laptops. It has RFID blocking feature. Rain proof padded laptop section.

Organizer in front zipper pocket provides divider pockets for pens, pencils, and cell phones. Bag has a contoured and padded shoulder straps with cell/media pocket.

Product review

I recommend this product, not only because I purchased it myself, but also because it has received a lot of positive reviews. This bag has received over 800 feedback and comments. That basically tells us that hundreds of people have already bought this. And did I mentioned “a lot” of positive reviews.

Yes that is correct. There are 90% of people who gave this a 5 and 4 star ratings which big majority of which are 5 stars.

Some of the positive comments are, this is beautifully well made, strong, very comfortable and with practicality in mind.

As for the negative reviews, one comment was that the cellphone holder seems to be too tiny. So for those who have big smartphones, the pocket won’t likely suffice. Some buyers also had issues with the stitching or the strap tearing after some time. I would expect that if it is still relatively newly purchased, then these issues can qualify for a request for replacement. I’ve read a comment that the distributor is responsive so that is a good sign.

This item definitely goes into my best Christmas Gifts 2017 list.

Price: CA$ 49.49 (as of writing this review)

Shipping Options: FREE / Eligible for Prime 2-day shipping / Eligible for Two-Day shipping

Best Christmas gifts 2017 – for Women

Now for these next ones, these are some of the cool ones I found in Amazon. Some of these are likely for those with girlfriends, spouse, lover and/or mother.

Being a male, I found it challenging to look for nice and cool gifts for women. As you could imagine the way men’s brains work is obviously quite different from women. So that being said forgive me if some of these might not really appeal to you.

Nevertheless, read on and see my suggestion and why I chose them.

Scarleton 3 Front Zipper Washed Shoulder Bag

Scarleton 3 Front Zipper Washed Shoulder BagThis shoulder bag is #1 best seller in Amazon under shoulder bag category.

The product is made of ultra soft synthetic leather with fabric lining. It has modern silver-toned hardware. A top zipper closure and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap drops of up to 27 inches.

The bag has two large interior compartments, one with a cell phone pocket and the other with a small zipper pocket.

It can comfortably hold an iPad, iPad Mini or a tablet 10 x 8 x 1 inches in measurement and under.

There are also various colors to choose from so you’re not just limited to what I have displayed here as the image or picture.

Product review

This item received over 500 ratings with over 90% rated as 5 and 4 stars, and again as usual, large majority of them are 5 star ratings.

Some of the positive feedback from buyers are they find the product very adorable and likeable. One even commented that she has purchased a lot of designer bags before but she still liked this bag very much and obviously with a waaaayyy less expensive price. The durability also seems to be good as one commented that she has been using it for quite some time and it is very durable.

As for the negative reviews I read, there was one who said the strap was too short to fit into her shoulder and then there’s another one who said the bag is too big. I guess this comment mainly depends on the built of the individual. Also one other comment I read says the zipper was of poor quality.

So there you have it. I’ll leave it for you to decide, though as I said 90% of the buyers are satisfied so I’d say the risk is pretty slim. This definitely adds into my best Christmas gifts 2017 list.

Price: CA$ 39.99

Shipping Options: FREE / Eligible for Two-Day shipping

24k Gold dipped Long Stem Rose

24k Gold dipped Long Stem RoseHere is one of those examples that I mentioned above.

If you’re giving this as a present for your spouse, girlfriend, mother or perhaps even your daughter, then this would be a nice idea.

I’ve also seen a lot of reviews for this item in Amazon. About 90% of them are also either 5 or 4 stars so it seems people like this product a lot.

What I find quite unique and awesome about this item is that it is a real rose flower that has been dipped in 24k Gold to preserve it.

As the item description says, roses have always been a symbol of beauty, love and appreciation. That being said, this will make a wonderful gift for Christmas.

Product Review

As I said this received a lot of reviews and a lot of it are positive. Many liked the idea of the real rose getting preserved for a very long time since its dipped in gold.

People also liked the cute box that it comes with and with a print of the word “Love”.

Now as for the negative reviews, some people found the item doesn’t look nice. Some even say it looks cheap. Now I won’t argue but out of the 80+ reviews given only about 10% gave it a not stellar review. So it’ll be up to you to decide who to believe.

This obviously joins my best Christmas gifts 2017 list for women.

Price: CA$ 39.99 (as of writing this review)

Shipping Options: FREE / Eligible for Prime 2-day shipping / Eligible for One-Day shipping

Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket

Knitted Mermaid Tail BlanketThis next one that I found is also quite cool.

Description says its a beautiful super soft and warm mermaid blanket. It’s is a one of a kind mermaid blanket that’s made with the highest quality.

This item would qualify as a gift for both adult women and young girls.

It’s perfect for playing at home, having sleep overs, around a camp fire and watching family movies. Basically, a lot possible use for this item.

Also, this won’t only apply for use in the cold season. You can even use it in the summer, but of course, likely when your indoor and in an air-conditioned room. You get my drift, right?

Product review

As for the reviews and feedback, around 85% of those who reviewed this gave it a 5 or 4 star rating with majority being 5 stars.

What most people liked or loved about this item is obviously is its super soft and warm and cozy feel of the blanket. Most said that it is definitely a good idea for giving as a present during holidays.

Now for the negative feedback, the ones I’ve seen were some customers who said they received their item with a bad smell. Again people have differing opinions. Growing up I had an aunt that was in the business of t-shirt printing and I for one have experienced the smell of fabric. There is indeed a not so good smell that they come with, but that’s mostly because they have never been washed and fresh from the manufacturer.

All that said, I will leave it up to your discretion.

So this item still comes in to my best Christmas gifts 2017 for women.

Price: CA$ 27.99 (as of writing this review)

Shipping Options: FREE / Eligible for Prime 2-day shipping / Eligible for One-Day shipping

Best Christmas gifts 2017 – for Kids

Finally, I’ll wrap this post with cool gifts for kids. Children are definitely ones that should enjoy and appreciate this Christmas holiday season. Giving gifts instills in them the idea of being generous.

I’m sure you can relate to this. Seeing children brighten up and with big smiles as you give them presents is well worth the hassle and stress that we experience looking for what to give them. It expands and warms our hearts.

So now back to our list.

Stacking Magnetic Blocks 56 Pcs

I find this product a cool idea for gifting to children either boys or girls.Stacking Magnetic Blocks

This is an alternative from the brand name Magformers, which is more expensive than this.

This toy is educational in nature, which promotes and enhances kids’ creativity and brain development. It’s amazing to see what kids can make out of these blocks.

Kids can build anywhere from 2-D to 3-D ideas from these blocks.

The product comes with 24 triangles and 32 squares.

The toy is made out of high-quality ABS plastics and with the magnets that are completely enclosed within the plastics. This means you’ll never have the problem of the magnets coming off loose over time.

Safety information also states that this toy is suitable to children 3+ years old.

Product review

Reviews and feedback for this toy is extremely positive. I did not even see a single or two star rating for it. Over 95% of the ratings are at 5 and 4 stars.

Only a small percentage gave it a three star and the customer said its mainly because he/she was expecting the magnet to run through the whole side of the blocks, which apparently its not.

Most of the feedback and comments were that kids play with this toy for years. Thus, this is definitely a nice toy to give as a present.

As I was writing this review, my toddler kid saw my screen and said, “ooh I’d like to have one of those!”.

So there you have it my kid loves it so its no brainer then! This is one for my best Christmas gifts 2017 for kids.

Price: CA$ 33.99 (as of writing this review)

Shipping Options: FREE / Eligible for Prime 2-day shipping / Eligible for One-Day shipping

Arty Beads 500Pcs Snap-Together Kid DIY Bead Toys

Arty Beads 500Pcs Snap-Together Kid DIY Bead ToysOne would think that this toy is more for the girls but this might also suite a boy. They’re quite really nice and cool.

It promotes creativity as well and we all know women and little girls like to have all sorts of ornaments such as bracelets and necklace. Meanwhile, boys can play with these and try creating snake-like toys.

This also hones the kids motor skills especially with their hands.

Product comes with 500 pcs, which is more than enough to spark the creativeness of your kids.

Safety information recommends that children 3 years and under should be accompanied by an adult.

The toy company offers worry free guarantee so if you have any issues just give them a call. They will try their best to meet your satisfaction even to a point of refund request. Thus, you can buy with confidence.

Product review

The reviews and feedback from customers for this item are also very positive. There are no one or two star rating at all. Over 90% has rated this as 5-star so definitely a lot of happy customers.

There were only a couple of reviews that gave it three stars. One did not really specify why they gave it a three star. The other one commented that it was not what they expected. They also said that some pieces would not snap on when they tried to build one that was in the sample booklet.

Overall, this toy has a very high rating and is definitely one that is worth considering gifting to kids.

Price: CA$ 28.99 (as of writing this review)

Shipping Options: FREE shipping available with Prime 2-day shipping

So there you have it my suggested best Christmas gifts for 2017. These are truly highly rated and recommended.

Now I understand some of you might not find some or all of these appealing, so what I suggest is just head to Amazon here and check out their latest deals for today.

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