Discount on Yoli Transformation Kits for April 2018

Yoli is running a “Get Slim for Summer” campaign and so they are currently offering a Discount on Yoli Transformation Kits for April 2018. With summer just around the corner here in North America, Yoli is running a promotion along with it.

An awesome opportunity awaits you

You heard that right, as a way to encourage those that are still on the sidelines, Yoli has given you an awesome opportunity. If you are one of those that are still on the bench and contemplating if you want to try out Yoli, now is the best time to do it.

My wife and I are still continuously and regularly consuming Yoli’s products, so we have firsthand experience of the benefits of their products. We can attest that Yoli’s products are of high quality and all natural. Of all the health products I’ve tried (and by the way I’ve tried several already) Yoli has blown away our expectations of it. I for one, were once skeptics especially with these health products since I’ve tried several and none really produced significant results.

With Yoli, my wife and I’s lives were changed. They’ve truly transformed us physically, emotionally and financially.

Read my review of Yoli here for more information. Also, Yoli has recently launched in the Philippines, you can read my update here.

Discount on Yoli Transformation Kits for April 2018

Discounts on Yoli Transformation Kits for April 2018

Okay, okay, I know you’re excited to learn what is the discount. So here they are:

  • Yoli is offering 10% discount on the 28-day Transformation Kit
  • Yoli is also offering free shipping
  • This applies only to new Preferred Customers (sorry Retail customers don’t apply)
  • The discount is valid in the United States, Canada and the Philippines
  • Promotion runs from April 2nd to 30th

So let me expand this promotion for you so you get a better understanding of what you’ll get.

Note: The prices I’ve mentioned below are rounded up to the nearest dollar or peso for simplicity’s sake. Also, these prices are before taxes, so you’ll have to add the applicable tax depending on where you’re from.

United States

In the US, a Transformation Kit cost costs US$ 340.00 retail. Now if you join as a Preferred Customer, you’ll get a 15% discount off of the retail price, which drops it down to US$ 286.00.

Now with the current promotion running, this drops down further by 10% to US$ 258.00 and also free shipping, which is dependent on your location. Shipping costs tend to vary between US$ 5 to 10, which you’ll get free of charge.


As for Canadian consumers, the retail price of a T-Kit (short for Transformation Kit) CA$ 391.00. Then when you become a Preferred Customer, you actually get ~16% off from retail, which goes down to CA$ 329.00.

With the Get Slim for Summer promotional discount of 10% the price becomes CA$ 296.00. Again, shipping also comes free, which here in the Lower Mainland, BC would cost from approximately CA$ 7 to 10.


Lastly, for the newly launched Yoli in the Philippines, the price for a T-Kit is Php 16,300.00 (plus 12% VAT it’s Php 18,256.00 + shipping cost). For Preferred Customers it is discounted at ~20% down to Php 13,000.00 (plus tax it’s Php 14,560.00 + shipping).

With the 10% promotional discount the price goes down to Php 11,700.00 (plus the VAT it becomes Php 13,104.00). And that is already free of shipping charges. I have included the VAT tax in the calculation since there’s only one tax applied in the entire country in the Philippines unlike in US and Canada where it depends on the state or province.

What are you waiting for

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. What else are you waiting for? Avail of this amazing promotion or campaign from Yoli and try out their products at an awesome steal. I can assure you you’ll not regret it.

There’s no better time to try out Yoli through their discount on Yoli Transformation Kits for April 2018.

Lastly, for easy reading I’ve made a table below for your reference.

Country Retail Preferred Customer New PC Promo Discount
USA US$ 340.00 US$ 286.00 US$ 258.00
Canada CA$ 391.00 CA$ 329.00 CA$ 296.00
Philippines (VAT incl.) Php 18,256.00 Php 14,560.00 Php 13,104.00

So if you’re interested, simply head on to my wife’s online store here and register as a new Preferred Customer. You’ll then have to fill in your personal info. Make sure to select a Transformation Kit with your order and pick the free shipping option.

For questions, feedback or reactions leave them in the comment section below or email me directly. I will try to respond as soon as I am able.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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