10 Hacks to use Fabric Transfer Paper

Fabric transfer paper is literally an ingenious invention or idea. Thank God to whoever came up or invented this product. If anyone knows who they are, I am very curious to know. Please let me know in the comment section below.

Let’s side track a bit

Let me veer off topic from wealth building on this blog post, if I may. I just find this iron-on transfer paper truly amazing. There’s so much use that one can utilize for these things.

Former t-shirt printing press employee

For your in formation, I once worked in a t-shirt printing press back in my early days. If I remember it correctly, I’m not even legally allowed to work when I took on this job.

Well, technically it was my aunt who owned the business so I did not really apply for the job. I was kinda just helping out and I get some meager compensation out of it.

I was in elementary when I worked for my aunt, but hey don’t sue her for child abuse or child labor. I took the job willingly and also as a sideline while I was studying just to help out my parents with my allowances for school. If you don’t know, and likely you don’t especially if you don’t know me personally, I grew up in a not well off family.

Back to Fabric transfer paper

Enough about my past. Though, seriously, don’t hunt my aunt and sue her for child labor. I love her and am grateful for the opportunity she gave me back then.

So let’s get back to these fabric transfer paper.

What are these

First off, the obvious question for those who don’t know, is what are these for?

I actually gave you a hint already. They are somewhat related to t-shirt printing. However, these are not your usual paint-based t-shirt printing.

  • These actually look like a regular paper, like a bond paper
  • Though they feel different from a regular paper
  • You can print any design, logo, or text that you want on them
  • Your designs can be printed using an inkjet printer

How to use them

Let me tell you how to use them.

  1. Firstly, you want to pick your design or logo or image or text
  2. You would then print it out using either an inkjet or a laser printer
  3. Get your blank t-shirt and put the transfer paper face down onto the t-shirt
  4. Then iron it out for a few seconds (make sure to read the instructions on how long to iron press it)
  5. Let it cool off

By the way, one tip when you’re printing a text is make sure to print the text on the transfer paper in reverse. This is because when you iron it on the t-shirt then it will get transferred correctly. Unless of course your intention is to print it onto the shirt in reverse.

Think of it like the Ambulance signs on Ambulance vehicles. Why do you think the text in front of the vehicle is in reverse? I believe it’s because for those vehicles in front of it. When they look into their rear mirror then they will be able to read it appropriately.

Only use inkjet printers

Let me just clarify that only inkjet type printers would work for these printable transfer paper. Realize inkjets and laser printers are very different.

Why only use inkjet? Here’s why…

  • Inkjet printers as the name suggests uses liquid ink. Ink is applied directly to the paper in just the right amount so that it dries off immediately as soon as the paper comes out. Just like a ballpen, the ink is liquid.
  • Laser printer are different in a sense that it uses powder based or carbon based ink. The printer machine then uses heat lasers in order to transfer the ink onto the paper.

That being said laser printers uses heat lasers and these iron-on transfer paper reacts to heat. It will just ruin your paper and perhaps even damage your laser printer in the process.

10 Hacks to use Fabric transfer paper

There’s a lot you can think of for the use of these printable transfer papers. Below are some suggestions, with some that we’ve actually done ourselves in one of our previous church camps.

  • Use them to print names at the back of a jersey
  • Or even jersey numbers
  • Logos of a company or business or school
  • PE (Physical Education) uniform logo or design
  • Print out designs for camps as uniform for attendees
  • Personal use, if you have a design that you’d like to print on your own shirt
  • Award winning t-shirt as a prize for a contest, perhaps more suitable as a consolation prize
  • Intramurals in school, use it for printing different team designs or logo
  • Parade uniforms, when promoting a business or product or service
  • Logo of a catering business for the caterer employees

Long term use

Finally, the last question that you may ask is how long does the print on the shirt last.

In all honesty, not really very long. Unlike paint based prints that last very very long, these only lasts for a little over a handful of wash of the t-shirt.

That’s why they are more suitable for use for one-time events or even several times for a handful of events. Then you will notice that the print will start to peel off as the shirt gets rewashed over and over again.

But the good thing and the main advantage of this is the ease of use. It’s also easy to print them and transfer the design onto a t-shirt. It’s suitable for quick design then print kind of scenario. Basically, they’re very useful when you’re cramming. Hehehe.

There you have it. I hope this has been informative for you and I’d like to thank you for reading. Now go get yourself a fabric transfer paper and play your hearts out with various designs you can print on them.

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