August Smart Lock – Forgot to lock front door?

In this post, I’ll introduce you to August Smart Lock.

August Smart Lock

We are living in an era where technology is all around us. In just about everywhere we look there’s a hint or trace of technology staring us in the face. This is very true even in our own homes. We have tons of gadgets, appliances and stuffs that enhance our way of life.

Securing our homes

One aspect of our home that we are all most concerned about is “security”. Nobody wants their home to get broken into. Nobody wants to get their appliances or gadgets or furniture stolen by thieves. We also want to be able to safeguard our homes and be aware of who comes in and out and at what times of the day or even for what purpose.

Forgetful me…

One dilemma though, for us as humans is that we are prone to mistakes. We easily forget. We make wrong decisions. So basically we ourselves are not fool proof. What is my point?

We are now living at a very fast paced world and with all the different things in our lives that is vying for our attention, we are now more than ever prone to make mistakes, forget, make a wrong decision.

Has it ever happened to you wherein after leaving your house, five minutes later you can’t remember if you properly locked your doors? Has it ever happened to you whereupon arriving home, whether from work or just simply have gone out to do your groceries, you found your door unlocked? And you wonder if you left it unlocked or not?

It’s not just me

I don’t know about you but I’ve seen this happen in our home over a dozen times. And it’s not just me who forgets to lock our door, my wife forgets, my children, my siblings, or basically anybody who has access to our home has forgotten to lock our door at some point. I would say, we have just been very lucky that, though it has happened to us a dozen or so many times, we have not had a break in so far, or more appropriately someone freely lets themselves in.

Security risk

This is obviously an enormous security risk! But thanks to the advancement in technology, there are numerous ways of making our home fool proof, particularly locking our doors.

Nowadays, we can automate that very simple tasks of locking our doors. There are now myriads of products in the market that can do this automatically or with a touch of a button or via our smartphones.

There are door locks where you can set timers on how much time before it auto locks. Some can use the location tracking of your smartphones and automatically locks and unlocks your door as you leave or arrive back in your home. You can even set pin codes, with some of them, that you can provide every member of the family their own personal code and even go as far as set the time of day when those codes will work and when it won’t.

Technology these days has offered us so many options just for that simple task of locking our doors but in essence making our homes more safe and secure.

Introducing August Smart Lock

One of the products I have found interesting and very appealing are the products from August. I have personally purchased three of their products that can be easily integrated with each other. The features that they offer are extremely cool in my honest opinion.

To enumerate some features that I really like:

  • Being able to check your Smart Lock wherever you are
  • Being able to lock or unlock your Smart Lock wherever you are
  • Smart Lock can be set to auto lock by itself within a set number of minutes from the time it was opened
  • Auto-open of the Smart Lock when you are getting near your door
  • Set access codes on the keypad to open the Smart Lock
  • Give access codes to different people helping you identify whoever unlocked your door
  • Configure access codes to only work at certain times of the day and recurring or just one-day access
  • One-touch auto lock on the keypad as you are about to leave your home

August Smart Home Products

Aren’t all that features just amazingly so cool! So if you are interested with these products, you can easily purchase these from Amazon.

  • August Smart Lock – this essentially is what will replace your barrel bolt knob. The cool thing about this product is that only the deadbolt knob from the inside needs to be replaced but your hardware from the outside doesn’t need to be replaced. This means that you can keep your existing house keys and you don’t have to go through the hassle of replacing your keys.

  • August Connect for Smart Lock – this product will integrate with your August Smart Lock and you will be able to access your Smart Lock via the Internet. All you need is to enable this August Connect and link it in your home WiFi network and you will be able to access your Smart Lock from anywhere in the world for as long as you get connected to the World Wide Web. Quite amazing ey!

  • August Smart Keypad – this will be the keypad wherein you can configure codes for yourself and perhaps even your guests. The codes you configure on this keypad has several cool features such as one-time, or only specified time of the day type of access and recurring timed access.

So there you have it. These are all amazing hi-tech gadgets to have in your home. I have purchased these personally for our home and I am one satisfied customer!

I hope this has been informative for you and thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day.

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