Get back up again

I don’t know the statistics of those who have reached success in their lives from those who have not. Ultimately I think in order to reach success one must always get back up again each time life knocks you down.

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Are you successful with your online business

The definition of success is obviously different for everyone. Perhaps for some earning an extra income from blogging or their online business at $100 or $1,000 a month is already a success for them. Then for some it’s probably $10k or even $100k for the big players out there. Then there are those that perhaps their definition of success is not really defined by the $$$ but by the impact that they make in the lives of others. Nevertheless, every one of us have differing goals and meaning of success.

Now, as for those who have not reached success, there are also two sides of the coin. There are those who have completely given up with their online business and moved on and there are those who are still trying.

A little bit of my story

Let me give you a not so brief story of some parts of my life.

I am a Filipino by birth, though I have long ago left my home country to fight the battles of life in the grand arena of the world. I moved to Singapore and worked there for a couple of years and then eventually migrated to North America, specifically in Canada.

The journey I’ve gone through is no walk in the park.

There were painful goodbye’s with loved ones every time I’d visit home and then have to leave again. The home sickness that I would feel when I was all alone in my bedroom. I have even experienced a Christmas Day where I am completely all alone by myself.

Christmas season, Huge reunions

If you don’t know us Filipinos, Christmas is likely the most celebrated season in our country. You’ll feel the spirit of Christmas start as early as the month of September all the way to January of the next year. That’s about five months of savoring the Christmas season. Then at exactly Christmas Day, this is when family reunions and parties happen all around.

I have a pretty big extended family. Just on my mother’s side, I have a total of eight uncles and aunties. Then I’ve got probably almost three dozen cousins. Then the next generations after us, our own children, nephews and nieces, I already lost track of how many.

If you can imagine when we all come together for a reunion, we’re one heck of a big company. And man we can get really loud when we party together. My family love to sing “karaoke”, play games, besides giving gifts and also eating tons of FOOD. This is always something that I will always miss every time I don’t spend my Christmas back home.

That feeling of loneliness

That being said, so my first time experiencing Christmas Day all by myself, my heart was so crushed and I think I even cried myself to sleep.

I wouldn’t actually wish or hope the journey I went through for anybody if it could be helped.

Sad to say my story is not really unique. In some way or another there’s another Filipino out there somewhere in the world that’s probably gone through something similar. Perhaps even as you’re reading this right now, there’s actually some that are going through the same struggles I went through.

So enough about my background story. I just want to give you some context of this next thing I’m about to share.

Get back up again – Sen. Manny Pacquiao speech

Manny PacquiaoI think it’s safe for me to assume that the only 8 division world boxing champion of the world, Manny Pacquiao, is a very well-known personality or even celebrity all over the world.

If you’re one of the few who haven’t heard of him I suggest Google him out. Or you can read about Manny Pacquiao’s profile in Wikipedia here.

His life is literally a rags-to-riches story and one that is truly inspiring.

There’s even a rumor, or I’m not even sure if it’s actually true but it could very well be, that came out about Manny Pacquiao. Here it is, every time that he has a boxing match, during the fight all eyes of the Filipino people are tuned to his match. As a result, this is the only time that the crime rate all over the Philippines drops literally down to zero, zilch, nil, nada. If that isn’t a sign of greatness I don’t know what is. One man, causing a few hours of complete peace all over a nation, man what an accomplishment that already is.

He is now a public servant in our country as a Senator and continues to inspire and impact the lives of the Filipino people.

I’d like to share with you Senator Manny Pacquiao’s speech at Cambridge University. Read it and be inspired.

Find your inspiration and always get back up again

Finally in conclusion, I just wanted to encourage you and inspire you.

If you’re on your journey to building your online business, I for one can understand the struggles and pains that come with it. We sometimes make mistakes or fail, but always remember, get back up again.

It’s also a good practice to look back to where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished. Here’s a blog of mine early this year, my motivation for the new year 2018. I am self-reflecting on my journey thus far.

All of this likely will dictate the tone of how I start the next year 2019.

How about you? Where are you on your journey? How do you stay inspired or motivated? What are the things you intend to change for the coming new year? Kindly share them by commenting below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

2 thoughts on “Get back up again”

  1. Mark, I really enjoyed reading your article on “Getting Back Up”. That’s truly the secret to life and success, because you will get knocked down more than once, there’s no question about that!……the point is not staying down….it’s getting back up and fighting again, and not taking no, and not being denied!! If you are a Christian, The Lord Jesus Christ said it many moons ago….GET UP!! Thanks

    1. Mark

      Amen to that brother! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback.

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