Motivation for the New Year 2018

Happy New Year everyone! We have now closed the books for 2017 and have now begun with 2018. Have you thought about your motivation for the new year?

I am very hopeful for this new year and I hope you are as well too. As this new year unfolds it is that time of the year that we think about our new years resolution.

Motivation for the New Year

New Years Resolution

Have you thought about what you would like to change or improve or develop this new year? Have you stopped and given some thought about your goals for the new year. As we begin this 2018 it is just appropriate that setting goals for the new year would be one of our priorities.

Here are some ideas that you may be thinking and perhaps even help you:New Years Resolution

  • healthy resolutions for the new year (see the product I trust here that promotes healthy lifestyle)
  • or eating healthy
  • lose weight for the new year
  • decorating ideas for the new year
  • motivation for the new year
  • thinking positive thoughts
  • inspirational thoughts
  • improving your financial baseline
  • getting rid of debt (check out my blog related to this)
  • managing your time better
  • spending quality time with loved ones
  • work more efficiently and effectively
  • excercise more or have a more active lifestyle

These are just a few and obviously I know you can add more to this list. What is it that you will be focusing to change, develop or improve for this year 2018? Comment them below.

Motivation for the New Year

Now, if I may I would like to focus on my, your or our motivation for the new year. Some of us are motivated by hope, which I believe is one of the best drivers to move us forward. Others are motivated by joy or happiness. There are even those who are motivated by love, again another one of the best motivation for the new year.

Then there are those negative motivation for the new year, such as fear, regret, anger, lust, greed and so on and so forth.

My desire and prayer for you and for all of us is to have a motivation or desire to be driven by positive thoughts. Like one of Michael Jackson’s songs, let’s make this world a better place. Not just for ourselves but for everyone around us.

Will our resolution be successful?

With all the different areas of our lives, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that there are tons of things you and I can think of that we need to change.

  • Our need to change or improve our relationship
    • Marriage
    • Parent and child
    • Dating relationship
    • Neighbors
    • Co-workers
  • Improve our financial lives and reach financial freedom
    • Save more
    • Invest for the future or for retirement
    • Eliminate our debts
    • Pay off our mortgage
    • Finish off our car loan
  • Develop better time management
    • Work more efficiently and effectively
    • Spend more quality time with our loved ones
    • Be able to do more with less time
  • Improve our homes
    • Plan for renovations of our kitchen, living room, or our backyard
    • Things, whether furniture or appliances, in our house that needs replacing
    • Organize our stuff in a more uncluttered manner

Again, these are just some to throw out there and yes there are way more that I know you can add to this list. So my question to you and to myself is, would my new years resolution even be successful? Can I push through til the end of the year and sustain the change(s)?

As we look at these resolutions and your motivation for the new year, it can sometimes become overwhelming. Or perhaps often times it will become overwhelming along the course of the journey.


Fret not, as I came across this one way of making a new years resolution or motivation for the new year.


I have an email subscription on a couple or so different inspirational and devotional email services that I receive daily. Though I do not read all of them every day. Most of them just end up being in my email trash bin. But from time to time a few of them would get my attention.

This one in particular caught my eye. The idea is changing your life with Just One Word at a time each year. This was based on a book written by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen entitled My One Word.

I think that is a really clever idea. It takes away the enormity and complexity of all the changes we would want to make. I for one would not feel so overwhelmed by the hundreds of things I can think of that I need to change with myself.

Choosing your one word should be done with careful and patient reflection. Ask yourself who you really want to become?

If you’re interested with more details you can even purchase the book My One Word here. Then you can follow along the steps on how to choose your one word. Also you can visit for more information on this movement.


As I came across this devotional email that I read, for me, my one word was already staring at me right in the face. I have been journaling and doing my devotions these past couple of weeks. The common theme that has been stirring up in my heart is the verse in Matthew 6:33.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Over the past couple of weeks my heart has been drawn to this verse over and over again.

I have built this website mainly to pursue wealth through the means of the Internet. There is always that temptation to focus on the monetary side of things. I do believe that God has been reminding me to keep my priorities straight and put Him first. Or to better put it and align it to my One Word, to “seek” Him first and foremost.

So as I journey to my pursuit of wealth, this year I’ll be focusing on seeking God first through it all. I firmly believe that having a thriving and flourishing relationship with the Lord is in and of itself already a wealth beyond measure.

Now your turn

I encourage you as we begin this new year to think of that one word you will focus on to change in your life. Feel free to even purchase the book My One Word here. It will guide you if you’re stuck or don’t know where to start.

Focus is the key to making successful change. May we all succeed in our new years resolution or our motivation for the new year.Thanks

I hope this has been informative and inspirational for you and thank you for reading.

Please comment your new years resolution below or if you are willing to join me in my journey of My One Word change for the whole year.

Have a wonderful and blessed day and the whole year 2018 ahead!


6 thoughts on “Motivation for the New Year 2018”

  1. Nair

    I love the idea of having a word to define our year and mine for me is ‘Action’. Having a word for the year really helps with motivation around any goals that you may have and helps clarify and really focus the mind on what it is we want to achieve and feel in this moment. Great article!

    1. Mark

      I’m glad you love the one word idea Nair. I’ve been focusing on my one word as well these past few days and it really does make the one word motivation less daunting rather than having several new years resolutions. With one word I’m able to focus more of what I need to change within myself and gradually realizing that I can reach and achieve my one word goal for change.

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. Brandon

    I’ve just created some goals that I HANDS DOWN plan on reaching before 2018. I’m just sick and tired of the rat race and wish to live life on my own terms. I like your idea about having one word. I’m going to try it and see what I come up with. What do you recommend for someone like me who wants to escape the 9-5 job and pursue my dreams of working on the internet?

    1. Mark

      I’m glad you like the idea of having a one word goal. If you’re going to ask me and I’d say based on what I’ve learned and I’ve experienced so far as I also pursue to earn some extra on the Internet, the word that comes to mind is “perseverance” and/or “persistence”. The reason I thought about that is because, most people are drawn to wanting to escape the 9-5 job and pursue working on the Internet because of the freedom and the lifestyle it offers. However, what most people don’t realize is there is a journey involved in order to get there. There are hundreds you can find online that would offer you all sorts of programs or schemes, but very few are legit or even affordable for the regular joes. One platform or program I’ve found is affiliate marketing through Wealthy Affiliate (see my review here) but the journey itself would have you persevering through the process. It is never easy nor is it a get rich quick scheme. You’ll need to put in the hard work in order to achieve your goals. But eventually once you reach your goals the benefits are truly rewarding.

  3. Hi Mark,
    It is that time of year when resolutions abound. I like the idea of One Word as a keystone to work forward for any goals (or changes) one might be striving for.
    I know first hand the validity of an approach like this. I use a similar technique for drawing when I don’t have a clue what I want to draw. I’ll use a random word generator and whatever comes up, I will try to capture in a drawing.
    I know a drawing prompt may be a little different than what you are talking about in your post, but I found that trying to draw from a single word, and capture some sort of essence of that word, the word itself takes on a new dimension just by drawing it. Especially if that word isn’t a literal or tangible thing which to draw like an emotion for example. So I can see how one word, carefully chosen, can create change in a person if kept foremost in mind.

    Have a great 2018

    1. Mark

      Very nice point Frank. I do agree that this one word technique can be use in so many different ways. Thanks for the comment and feedback!

      Have an awesome 2018 yourself!

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