My journey to wealth – Intro

Hello everyone and for those who are new, welcome to my website. This is my first update to my journey to wealth, which is why I stated in the title, “Intro” or my introduction to my journey and experiences thus far.

Brief background on myself

My name is Mark and I live in Vancouver, Canada but my roots is from the Philippines. You can read more about who I am and my passion in my About Me page. You’ll also find there my reason for starting this website, but if I may reiterate this is a journal of my experiences as I journey towards my fascination in building wealth through the use of the Internet.

I will also say that I am no guru, but I will say this, I am on the road to success! Now, everyone has a different definition of success so I won’t go into that.

Enough of my background, since I said this is just “brief” so let me end that here. Again just read my About Me page if you want to know more.

Why Introduction just now

Now on to my journey to wealth introduction. Why intro, you may ask, as it seems I’ve had this website up and running for a while now?

I am coining this as an introduction because I never really have given any status update thus far, as to where I am in my journey to wealth or success.

I realized I’ve been blogging and building this website but I haven’t really been writing about my experiences as a whole. I thought I would want to provide value to you my readers by being somewhat transparent. As a disclaimer though, I will sort of only be generic with the specifics of my personal life and not really be completely transparent about everything just to protect my privacy. I will, however, try to paint a picture of where I am at in my journey. In light of this, I hope some will be able to relate and perhaps inspire some people if not most. If I inspire just one then I’ve accomplished my goal and I am most grateful.

Dimensions of my journey to wealth

It has been about a year since I started this endeavor of building this website. I have definitely learned a lot in the past one year. I have tried and have experienced several things as I go through the journey.

I encourage you to read through my postings and check out what I have been up to this past year.

But just to summarize, below are what I have focused on:

  • Online Affiliate Marketing
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Forex Trading
  • YouTube (vlogging)
  • Debt management (reduction / elimination)
  • Spirituality

As you can see, these aren’t just purely about money or financial gain.

That is actually one of the things I realized and reinforces my passion to continue with the journey. Building wealth or attaining wealth should not only mean earning a whole lot of money.

There is a physical (health) component to it

Becoming wealthy but having poor health basically nullifies the gain. What’s the point of attaining monetary wealth if you don’t have the good health to enjoy it. If it all ends up for paying for medication if you turn out getting sick then the process becomes worthless. So we need to take care, or if I may say so, build a wealthy (healthy) body as well.

Our spirituality is also important

The other part that we also need to cultivate is our spirit. Some may disagree with me on this but, hey, this is my blog so this is my core values and beliefs. Feel free to comment below if you have anything to say.

Nevertheless, I do believe that we are created by some higher being. The complexity of our bodies and the world that we live in and the entire universe just speaks that there is such a great divine being that orchestrated everything to come in to existence. Honestly, I think it takes more faith to believe that these all just are coincidences that everything fell in its right place in order for our world, our universe and our bodies to just so happen to exist just by random chance.

Therefore, whoever or whatever that higher being is for you then pursue it. My only encouragement is search for the truth because in the Scripture (aka The Bible) that I believe in, it said that if we search for the truth, then the truth will set us free! So do not discount other beliefs and be closed-minded but be open to challenge your belief system and genuinely search for the truth. As for my case, I am a Christian and I firmly believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, so it is very important for me to also cultivate my relationship with Him as that in and of itself is a wealth already beyond measure. And with that being said I am already wealthy in Christ.

The financial aspect of this too

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle here is the financial aspect of this journey. This part can be broken down into so many inter-related areas. I’ve listed some below:

  • cash flow
  • investments
  • sales
  • marketing
  • budgeting
  • employment
  • debt or loans
  • mortgages
  • insurance

There’s a lot to be said about all of these but I won’t go into the details of each here, as you’ll likely get bored by the time I get into the second bullet point. Not to mention that obviously, this is not an extensive list. You can probably think of something else you can add to this list. Actually feel free to comment it below, as I would want to know your thoughts.

My beginnings

Now let’s move on to my main purpose for writing this blog. Where and how this all began and some updates as to how I’ve done.

Where and how this began

Before I started this undertaking last year, my family and I were in somewhat of a bit of a pickle. Yes, we were employed and are earning decent incomes but we were barely just getting by with a few change to spare.

A year ago, we had a lot of debts. And for your info, I am one that never gets comfortable with debt. Some people would say, “here in Canada, it is normal to have debt”. However, I do not believe that it is normal to be in debt for a long period of time. And the kind of debt that I am talking about here is bad debt, which is what we have lots of, a year ago. It was never okay for me and I’ve never felt comfortable having a lot of debt because there is that pressure to be able to pay it off within a certain period of time.

With the pressure mounting on my shoulders, that somehow played a part and became one of the catalyst that pushed me toward looking for something better than having a lot of “bad” debts.

Multiple streams of income

The other catalyst that encouraged me to start this journey is, realizing that we live in such a time when there’s so many resources and opportunities that is available out there to anybody willing to take advantage of them.

Also, being tied to a job and not enjoying your life is just a tragedy. That’s when it dawned on me that having multiple streams of income will broaden your horizon.

Passion to be an agent of positive change

Thirdly, my desire and passion to be able to help, encourage and inspire others is also one key catalyst in all of this. I wanted to be able to give more. My journey to wealth is not for my own personal gain. My heart beats for the poor, the underprivileged, the neglected, and those who are hurting. Jesus himself said that the second greatest commandment is to love our neighbors.

I realized that becoming wealthy financially, physically and spiritually can open opportunities to impact more lives. I’m not saying that what I’ve done here so far is the only way. There are other means to be a force of change in this world. All I am saying is this is one of the ways I see of how to do it.

My journey to wealth – been there done that

As I’ve mentioned above, I have learned and tried a lot of things in the past one year but mainly focusing on affiliate marketing, forex trading, and debt management.

The first two relates to my attempt in generating cash flow or add to my multiple streams of income. The third one is trying to find ways to eliminate our bad debts.

Let me share with you some of what I’ve experienced on these areas.

Affiliate Marketing

As you should have noticed by now, I have a “My #1 Recommendation” link at the very top menu here on my website. This is how I started in this business. Go and read it out at your convenience but I cannot emphasize enough how it has greatly helped me along my journey to wealth.

Also, there are facets of this business that would need a lot of discussion and would involve some learning curve, especially for someone who is new (like me) in this arena.

I would say this though, in the world of Affiliate Marketing, the more audience you get to put your blogs or posts or products or services in front of them, the better your chances of succeeding.

There are means to capture audience or generate traffic to your website in so many ways. There’s a free way and there’s a paid avenue. I have tried both and they both work.

I am, however, still along this journey of building a more successful affiliate website. Check back here every so often as I will blog of my updates along the way.

One last thing I just wanted to say is that this do still work. It was exhilarating to see my first few affiliate earnings! Yes I did earn a few bucks here and there with this undertaking. And that’s within just one year of doing this affiliate marketing thing. So it does work. Do not believe the nay sayers. However, just like in any business, you need to work hard for your business. I’ll end it at that.

Forex trading

Next topic is Forex trading. Or I can generalize this to just be trading, whether in the stock market or forex or options or derivatives markets.

My personal journey involved my attempts and experiences in trading. I have experienced trading stocks, options and forex. This endeavor is a beast that is hard to tame. I have learned a lot, been burned, and also earned a lot and yet I am still learning.

I would encourage anyone interested in trading any markets to read and study a lot. Preferably, get a mentor that is successful in what they do and learn as much as you can from them. Then be ready to take a beating. In trading any kind of market, there’s no best teacher than the market itself so learn from it. However, always only take risks that you are able to handle. Never risk too much or all of your eggs. Trading is not gambling. It is making informed guesses as to where the market would likely move towards to.

You can read about my blog about Forex for beginners here if you are a newbie but want to know more.

Current update though, I have taken a break from trading for now, which I sometimes do as my life unfolds and the curve ball that life throws at me. Although, I am not yet done trading. I will get back in for sure.

My encouragement to you if you are exploring trading is always trade safe and learn to manage your risk wisely.

Debt management

Onto the next point I wanted to share, which is debt management or reduction or preferably elimination.

As I mentioned above, “bad” debt is one of the catalyst that made me start pursuing this journey. A year ago, we were (conservatively and metaphorically speaking) waist deep in debt. Yeah, yeah, I know so we’re not really drowning in debt.

Like I said I am never comfortable to be in debt, so fortunately we have never allowed ourselves to get drowned in debt. But still in my mind “waist deep” in debt is very uncomfortable for me.

One other thing about me, if I may share, I am a numbers guy. I am a thinker and I am logical. That being said, I crunch in numbers and analyze our financial picture every now and then. A year or so ago, based on my calculations and projections on how we will be tackling our debt, I foresaw that we will likely get rid of all of ’em in about four to five (4 to 5) years time.

That’s a long time for me. I am always on the lookout as to how I can quickly eliminate our debt the best way we can. I’ve learned several strategies along the way. You can read my blog about debt elimination here for your information.

I wouldn’t say I used one particular strategy purely but it’s more a mixture of different strategies. And I am not bragging by any means, but also acknowledging the grace and generosity of God in mine and my family’s life, we have reduced our “bad” debt in great strides. I would say that I perceive our bad debt is now only about “a little above ankle deep”.

Remember I projected that it will take about 4 to 5 years to eliminate it, that has now drastically changed. This actually makes me ecstatic to just wrap my head around that in just about a year we’ve made really huge strides in reducing our debts. Now my projection, if all else goes as planned, we will wipe off debt from the face of the earth (so to speak) by the first quarter of next year 2019.

A disclaimer though, the journey to get where we are wasn’t a walk in the park. It involves discipline, wisdom and faith. Still, the journey was fun and it still is.

I would like to hear your thoughts about debts and share your comments below.


One last thing I wanted to add here is mortgage. You may read in my blog about debt elimination that I am not at all fond or pro mortgage for your own home. But since I said I want to be somewhat transparent with you, I will be honest in saying that within the last year we did get ourselves into a mortgage for our home.

This is the first time we bought our home and got into a mortgage. No I am not being hypocritical saying one thing but doing another. The decision was based more on practicality as to where we live. Here in Vancouver, BC housing prices have really soared astronomically, but along with it the supply and demand for housing has really tipped over. This also affected the rental market, wherein the price to rent a basement suite in most of the Vancouver Lower Mainland area would almost be equivalent to getting a mortgage for a condo unit.

That is why we decided that if it is at all possible for us to buy instead of rent since we’re basically going to be paying the same amount, then we might as well buy. Fortunately, we were graciously blessed to have been able to purchase our first home.

In light of this, I am also recently studying how to pay off our mortgage quickly. I will likely blog about this sometime in the future. I just want to plan and execute first before sharing my thoughts (and my experiences by then as well).

Moving forward

There you have it folks. A little update for my journey to wealth. I hope this has been informative for you and I’d like to thank you for reading.

Feel free to comment your feedback, questions and reactions below.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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