What is Kangen Alkaline Water?

You may have come across this “kangen alkaline water” from browsing the Internet or perhaps you may have seen it from a friend or a neighbor. And now you may be asking, “what is Kangen alkaline water?

This is very good question, with which I will be more than delighted to open your eyes to this amazing Kangen alkaline water and the awesome opportunity that you would likely want to consider.

So hold on to your seats as we take a ride. Grab a pen and paper and may I suggest that you even take down notes.

But first things first, let’s begin by defining some terms.


Definition of Terms

Let us first define the terms that you will encounter from reading this blog.

What is “Kangen”?

The word “kangen” is a Japanese word meaning “return to origin“. We will get back to this word later.

What is Alkaline or Alkalinity or pH level?

Allow me to define it scientifically. If you’re not into the science of it, you can just skip this part. But to put it simply, know that the pH level simply tells us whether a liquid is acidic, neutral or alkaline.pH Levels

So according to science (see Wikipedia here) pH, in Chemistry, is a scale that is used to specify how acidic or basic a water-based solution is. The term pH is actually an abbreviation for “power of Hydrogen” or “potential for hydrogen“.

The pH scale is a measure from 0 to 14, where 7 is neutral and the levels below 7 are acidic and the levels above 7 is basic.

Now a liquid solution that is basic is also known or referred to as being alkaline. The higher the pH level the more alkaline the water solution is.

Or in other words the measure of pH level usually refers to or is used to indicate the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid.

If you’re Interested in getting a pH tester for yourselves, you can get one from Amazon here.

What is antioxidant?

If you search in Google, “what is antioxidant“, you will find that an antioxidant are substances that can prevent or slow damage to our cells that are caused by “free radicals“.

Antioxidant is also the reverse of oxidation.

A good visual example of oxidation is a banana. From the moment you peel the skin of the banana and the banana is exposed, oxidation starts to occur and if you leave it in the open for too long, it will darken in color and will eventually rot faster.

Then you may ask what are free radicals? Basically free radicals equals oxidation.

Free radicals are waste substances produced by our bodies as it reacts to the foods that we eat or the environment that we live in. These are harmful to our body and continued and prolonged exposure to them can lead to heart disease, cancer, arthritis, stroke, respiratory diseases, and a whole lot more.

In simple terms, free radicals kill us but antioxidants keep us alive.

There is also a way to measure how antioxidant a liquid is using an ORP meter. Again, you can get an ORP meter from Amazon here.

An ORP meter will show you either a positive (+) number, which means the liquid is oxidizing; or a negative (-) number, which means it is antioxidant. Obviously the higher the number either positively or negatively, the more oxidized or antioxidant the liquid is.


The Enagic Company

Now that we have dealt with all the different terms definition, allow me to tie this all in together with Enagic and the Kangen water machine.

Before we answer the question, “what is Kangen alkaline water”, let’s look at the company behind it.

Who is Enagic?

Let’s first look at the company behind the Kangen water machine. The company that manufactures this water ionizers is called Enagic.

Enagic is a Japanese company that was founded in 1974, almost five (5) decades ago, by Mr. Hironari Ohshiro from Okinawa, Japan.

  • The company has since expanded its market globally and they have roughly about 40 offices all over the world
  • They are a member of the Direct Selling Association
  • And also a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

They are the industry leader in manufacturing high quality water ionizer machines.

I said earlier that we will get back to the meaning of the word “kangen“.

Enagic’s water ionizer machine is called Kangen Alkaline water machine, because it transforms the water to an alkaline + antioxidant state.

If we think about it and go back in time, when pollution was not yet rampant, most of our lakes, rivers, water falls or bodies of waters were pure and in an alkaline state. That’s the rationale behind the name “Kangen“, meaning “return to origin“.

Business model

Enagic’s business model features the following:

  • no sign-up fees
  • no monthly quotas or qualifications
  • no stocking of inventory
  • no auto-ship or subcriptions
  • no annual renewal
  • no de-ranking or you will never go back down in rank
  • no licensing required
  • cumulative sales
  • global reach or international sponsoring
  • commissions get paid daily

These very same features are what attracts a lot of people into this business because the potential to grow is massive and the system is not very rigid or restrictive.

Not to mention they are in the Health & Wellness industry, which is a billion dollar industry and this will never die down because we are all concerned about improving our health & wellbeing. And not to mention, everyone of us drink water!

Everybody drinks water


What is Kangen Alkaline Water Machine

Now let’s move on and discuss what is Enagic Kangen alkaline water machine.

What is Kangen water machine?

Simply put, Enagic Kangen water machine purifies your tap water and converts it to an alkaline and ionized (antioxidant) drinking water.

This is why the company’s slogan is “Change your water, change your life“.

As of early 2020 Enagic manufactures 4 to 6 different Kangen water machines, depending on the country where you purchase from.

Below are the different kinds of Kangen water machine:

  • Leveluk K8
  • Leveluk SD501 (Platinum option available)
  • Leveluk JRII (or aka JR2)
  • Leveluk R

Kangen water machine

These Kangen water machines would differ in the number of Platinum electrode plates, their capabilities to produce from 3 upto 7 different types of water, their production capacity, energy consumption, and even their user interfaces.

To give you a quick preview see the table below of their features & functionality.

What is Kangen Alkaline Water

Now as you can probably tell the K8 is Enagic’s flagship product and is the latest and the best and the most powerful Kangen machine that they manufacture.

Is Enagic Kangen water machine of good quality?

This is the right question and the most important one to ask. You will likely find other competitive brands out there in the market, but I’ll say this, none can compare or come close to the quality of Enagic Kangen water machine.

Why did I say that?

  • Enagic holds a certification for the Water Quality Association Gold Seal
  • They are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 for quality control

Enagic Certifications

No other manufacturer has that many certifications (or at least that I’m aware of).

Enagic manufactures their machines in-house, meaning they have full control when it comes to their build quality.

One analogy that I usually think of when comparing with other brands is, just think about when it comes to the automotive industry. There is a commonly accepted perception, that Japanese cars are usually high quality in comparison to others.

(I know, I know, this is debatable and I’m not one to argue with anyone about this so I’ll leave it at that.)

Moving on…

Benefits of Kangen water

As we’ve already alluded to from the definition of terms earlier, Kangen water is an alkaline + ionized (antioxidant) water that is truly healthy for our bodies. So we’ll not only discuss what’s the benefits of alkaline water, but also of an ionized/antioxidant water.

What’s the benefits of alkaline water?

  • Our body is made up of 75% water

If you think about it, our bodies are made up of roughly 75% water, and if the water that we intake into our bodies is not healthy, then we’re not helping our bodies to regenerate, heal or improve itself. In other words, eventually its just contributing to the deterioration of our health.

Our body consists of 75% water

  • Acid kills

You can also do your own research, but a lot of studies have shown the benefits of drinking alkaline water. As I’ve pointed out above, the opposite of alkaline is acidic. When our body’s fluids become too acidic this essentially contributes to developing illness and even serious critical health conditions.

There have been studies that have also shown that high acidity levels in the body is actually where all diseases or sickness starts.

Now, I’m no doctor or scientist but if we just consider the word “acid”, I believe we could all agree that the word itself implies something that is harmful. But don’t get me wrong, our body still needs acid especially in our digestive system in order to break down the foods that we eat. What I’m trying to point out is high acidic levels in our body is harmful.

  • Cancer

Another study in relation cancer has shown that a body that is in alkaline state is less prone to cancer. This is because cancer cells, thrive in acidic environment but the opposite is true in alkaline environment wherein they cannot thrive or even survive.

  • Alkaline water is good for the brain

When it comes to our brain, our brain actually is mostly made up of water as well. Scientific studies have been done that have shown significant cognitive benefits and improvements when an individual is taking in alkaline water as compared to just regular tap water, which is usually acidic.

  • Bottled water is not good

Another benefit of the Kangen water machine is that it saves you from having to buy those bottled water that claims they are healthy and good for your body.

I have personally done my own experiment and have tested several bottled water and most it, if not all of them, usually end up being below 7.0 pH level, meaning they were acidic.

  • Save our planet

Also in addition to the unhealthy effects of bottled water, you will also be contributing in saving our mother earth from plastic bottle wastes. We all know that our planet already has a big problem with plastic waste and it doesn’t do us any good if we keep buying them over and over again.

What’s the benefits of ionized / antioxidant water?

The water that these Kangen machines produce is not only alkaline water but is also ionized, or in other words, antioxidant.

This is where those platinum electrode plates inside these Kangen water machines become very significant.

Alkaline + Antioxidant

Drinking ionized / antioxidant water helps your body fight the free radicals that we get from our environment and from the food that we eat.

You can try searching the market but I haven’t actually found one water machine that converts your drinking water to both alkaline + antioxidant.

You’ll likely find either an alkaline machine or a water ionizer, but hard to find both.

Although, I could be mistaken and there might be another company out there somewhere that does the same. But just realize that Enagic has been in this business for almost five (5) decades and they’re the industry leader in the market. So you do the math.

Now these are just a handful of benefits that we’ve enumerated here. I’m sure if we dig deeper there’s more to be said when it comes to the benefits and advantages of drinking alkaline + antioxidant water. However, I’ll stop right here, because I believe these benefits are more than enough to prove that Kangen water is truly good for our overall health.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section, or head on to our Facebook page for Project Online and message us there.

The business side of things

So far, we’ve shown or at least hoped that we’ve provided a good case that Kangen water is beneficial to our health. Now that we have answered the question, “What is Kangen Alkaline Water?” Let’s change gear and get into the business side of things.

First things first, let’s ask and address this commonly asked question (drum roll….)

Is Kangen water a scam?

No it is not.

Normally I would like to end my statement there, but to some who maybe skeptic, let me expound.

Let me give you two (2) reasons why they’re not a scam.

1. They’ve been around for decades

Realize that no company that is a scam or is out to scam people would last for decades.

Enagic as a company is now almost five decades in existence and it still going strong. If you think about it, they’ve gone through and even survived the World War II.

2. Enagic issues tax slips to be filed with the government

Also, the company themselves issue tax slips or documents that’s submitted to each country’s respective tax governing institution.

Now I live in Canada, so I can at least give you my own personal example. Every year, Enagic issues us a T4A slip that is also submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

And that’s the end of my case as to why this is not a scam.

Let’s move on…

Is Enagic Kangen water machine really a good business opportunity?

This is a good question to ask.

I would be lying if I say that this business makes everyone rich or successful. However, I would also be lying if I say that it cannot make anyone rich or successful.

In any business, there is always risks involved.

A wise person that would want to go into any business venture, should always weigh in the pros and cons, do the math, do their own research, at least try to analyze the cost to benefit, the feasibility of the business model and the return on investment (and even more).

Every individual’s situation and circumstances is unique. To each his own so to speak. So I cannot really tell you whether this Enagic business opportunity would be a good fit for you or not. Only you can determine that for yourselves.

So we’re not here to try to convince you that this is the best business opportunity out in the market. We’re here to give you the information that you would need, so that you can determine that for yourselves and make an informed and intelligent decision.

Enagic Kangen water machine business modelHowever, we would also like to let you know, that if you do decide to start this business and join our team, you can rest assured that we will do our best to help you, guide you and assist you so that your business will also become successful.

Amazing business model

Enagic’s business model actually rewards distributors that help build more successful distributors themselves. It’s sort of a “pay-it-forward” kind of system, wherein it is in our best interest to see you become successful because that in part also benefits us.

We are not just in this business to make money for ourselves but also to help others do the same. The more you help others become successful in this business the more successful you become yourselves. This is not just true financially but it is also true mentally and emotionally.

You’ve probably heard it been said, that helping others encourages and enriches our hearts. Ultimately, you will not only help improve people’s health & wellness. If they also join this business, you’ll also help them financially as well as help them mentally & emotionally. The reciprocating effect of that is that you’ll also be rewarded financially and as well as feel good for helping others.

Now let’s shift and focus on what are some of the factors that makes this business opportunity awesome!

A few good things to note (or reiterate) about this business opportunity is that

  1. this is truly a global business; since Enagic has offices all across the globe and can service almost if not all countries, the potential to grow the business is really huge
  2. secondly, once you have been promoted to a higher rank, you will never get de-rank or go back down to a lower rank
  3. thirdly, there are no quotas, no auto-ship nor any monthly or annual subscription that you will need to keep or renew

Enagic: A truly global business

You can search high and low for any business opportunity out there in the market and you’ll only probably find very few that are valid and legit. It is challenging and hard to find a business that you can own or be a part of that has an amazing business model, just like what we’ve discussed from the previous section above.

But with Enagic having offices that serves almost all countries globally, we can truly say that our potential reach in this business is massive!!!

To add to that, you can do this business anywhere in the world and yet reach people from the other side of the globe!

You can truly build a global team regardless of where you are in the world or where the rest of your team are located.

Let’s just pause for a moment and let your mind imagine the endless possibilities for growth…

This is one of the things we love about this amazing opportunity.

Details of the Enagic business

Now let’s proceed to the details of the business, so you can evaluate for yourselves if you would consider this as a really good business opportunity.

Enagic Consumer or Distributor

Let me just quickly side-track and clarify. When purchasing a Kangen water machine from Enagic, one actually has the option to purchase it simply as a consumer. Meaning, you have no intention or interest in doing the business and you just see the benefits and are interested in using the product. That is completely okay.

Although, realize that there is no price difference when buying as a consumer as compared to as a distributor.

So with that said, why wouldn’t anyone want to do the business as well? Now that’s more of a personal question that only one can answer. I won’t argue that one is better than the other so let’s leave it at that.

Now if you do decide to become a distributor then that’s also an excellent decision.

How does one become an Enagic Distributor?

It’s really very simple. Purchasing a Kangen water machine from Enagic and just specifying in the application form that you want to become a Distributor, will essentially make you a Distributor. It’s as simple as that.

Note: You will need to specify your sponsor’s Distributor ID in order to make a purchase. This is true even when purchasing as a Consumer. If you are purchasing directly from this blog, then reach out to us in our Facebook page so we can assist you and provide you with our Distributor ID.

Now there maybe two or three more forms that you will need to fill up depending on the country but that’s pretty much it. Oh and you will also need to provide a valid photo ID as proof of your identity, obviously.

It doesn’t matter whatever Kangen water machine you purchase, you’ll be given a Distributor ID, which would be your referral ID when you start selling the Kangen machine yourselves.

Shipping or Pick-up?

Once you’ve completed all the forms and submitted them to the respective Enagic office, and then once they have processed the papers, depending on where you are located, you may have the option to pick-up the Kangen machine from the office. This will save you some shipping costs.

Obviously if you’re not close to your respective Enagic office, your only option is to get it shipped to your home, and it does come with shipping charges.

Distributor ID

After you have been issued with a Distributor ID, you are essentially now in business. That’s even if you haven’t received your purchase product.

Your Distributor ID is all that you need to start sponsoring distributors and build your team.

Enagic Compensation plan

Enagic compensation plan is a patented 8-point system. This means for every Kangen machine sold, there are 8 slices of commissions that are distributed. Starting from the direct sponsor and based on their rank level, commissions are paid up to them. And the remaining slices moves up the hierarchy until all of the 8 slices have been depleted.

8 Point Commission System

This patented 8-point system is also what makes Enagic’s compensation plan different and unique.

Is this a MLM

Now it needs to be said, that Enagic is not your typical MLM. Or we dare say they’re not really MLM. Unlike most MLM where people at the top are the ones who reaps most of the financial rewards, Enagic’s commission plan is entirely different.

Since there is only 8 slices of commissions to be paid out, ones all of those have been distributed & depleted then that’s it. Those at the top gets cut off from the 8-point commissions.

There’s actually possibilities where anyone can surpass their upline or mentor. And this actually happens a lot.

Rankings & promotions

The rankings start from 1A up to 6A. Every distributor starts at 1A rank and then work your way to higher rankings.


Rankings & Promotion

A key point to note is that as a 1A Distributor only directly sponsored distributors or direct sales will count towards getting promoted to the next level.

However, once you’ve been promoted to 2A and higher, then things change drastically for the better. This is where the leverage comes in. Indirect sales will now count towards your promotion to the next level. This essentially could mean that even if you’ve only made 3 or 4 or 5 direct sales, but your downline partners’ and/or even their downline partners’ sales would count towards your promotion to the next level.

Promotion requirements

There are various things to consider when it comes to rankings and promotion. If it would be more helpful, we would suggest that you reach out to us directly and discuss this with us personally thru our FB page if ever you’re getting confused.

Otherwise, keep reading on…

A few different scenarios to consider

It is important to understand that you will need a direct sale in order to claim the next promotion rank.

So for example, from 1A to 2A. If you’ve made two (2) direct sales, you will need a 3rd direct sale in order to claim the 2A rank and also receive twice the commission slice for the sale.

Realize also that your downline partners that you have sponsored under your 1A leg, will remain under your 1A leg (or think of it as a franchise lane) even if you’ve already gotten promoted to higher rankings. This means that if they make a sale, and let’s say you’re already a 3A, you will still only receive one (1) slice of commission from those downline partners of yours.

Another thing to understand is that you can also skip a rank. For example, you can skip from 1A and jump directly to 3A distributor if your downline partners have already built enough team below them that would be enough to promote you to 3A.

There’s more to this but I will not bore you with the intricacies of the plethora of scenarios that one may encounter. Feel free to reach out to us and we always welcome your questions if you have any.

6A Rank & Beyond

The 1A to 6A rank is not all there is to Enagic’s compensation system.

6A Rank & Beyond

Actually once you’ve reached the 6A level, this opens up a whole new incentives or additional income. For Enagic will reward you a one-time bonus of $3,000. Then as you level-up to 6A2, 6A2-2, 6A2-3 and so on and so forth, you will receive a higher bonus every time.

One key rank that I’d like to bring to your attention is the 6A2-3 level. When you reach this level, you will receive a one-time bonus of $25,000, but you will also receive a monthly bonus of a minimum of $5,000, which could be higher depending on your team’s production or sales.

If you think about it, this could actually be a good retirement plan.

Generational Wealth

Another beautiful thing that Enagic does, is that they allow Distributors to will the business down to their children in the event of their passing.

I find this so awesome because you’re not only leaving financial wealth to your kids, but also leaving them a business system that they can continue to build on and even grow further.

Wouldn’t it be nice that the legacy that we leave behind for our kids has the potential to set them up for a bright future financially.

Strategy (Want to earn more & faster?)

If you recall earlier we mentioned that every Distributor starts at 1A rank. That is true, although there is a way wherein you can earn twice as much on your very first sale.

Introducing the Enagic Trifecta.

Enagic Trifecta

As you can probably guess from the word “trifecta“, yes it means three (3). Basically, you will be purchasing three (3) products in total, with the other two being your first two 1A legs.

Enagic Trifecta

So whenever you get your first direct sale, which technically would be your 3rd direct sale, that means you will be immediately claiming the 2A rank and receive twice as much commission on your very first sale.

This is far better than starting off as a 1A distributor. That’s because you’ll be earning twice as much commissions from your very first sale. Not to mention that anyone that you sponsor and put in your 1A leg will remain at your 1A franchise lane forever. So any sales that they make will only give you one slice of commission.

Although, we do acknowledge that yes this means that you will be spending more at the very beginning as well. However, if you have the right mindset and the dedication, you can easily and quickly recover those expenses in no time, for as long as you keep working your business.

Besides, you can think of this as the startup capital cost for starting and ramping up your business.

We can attest to this ourselves, because this is the very same strategy that we have used and within about a year, we were able to earn back our initial investment.

(Disclaimer: We do not guarantee that you will get the same results us because it completely depends on how dedicated and how you work the business. What we can promise is that we will do our best to help you every step of the way.)

Conclusion & Recommendation

This business opportunity with Enagic Kangen water machine is truthfully amazing with all things considered. However, I’ll have to admit that it is not for everyone.

Should you consider this opportunity?

Here are some questions to ask yourselves that perhaps will help you decide.

  1. Do you have a passion when it comes to health & wellness?
  2. Do you have the right mindset, motivation and drive to start & run your business? Will you commit to do whatever it takes to keep pushing your business to succeed?
  3. With this business opportunity, there is obviously a startup capital cost. Do you have some savings that you can tap in order to start the business?
  4. Or if you don’t have enough savings, there is also financing options available, would you be willing to take on some debts and some risks in order to start this business opportunity?
  5. Are you teachable, willing to learn and coachable?

If your answer to all of these is a resounding “YES”, then you’ve come to the right place. I would say that this business opportunity is definitely for you.

If you only answered yes to some but not all, then we would suggest to still connect with us. We can have a discussion and help you understand what you’ll be getting into before you make your final decision.

In both cases touch base with us by signing up here or through our FB Page and send us a message.

But if you answered “NO” in all of these questions, I will actually be surprised that you got this far in reading this blog. If you are confused or unsure then still I will encourage you to connect with us.

Alternative option

Now, we would understand if you truly do not want to proceed or perhaps if it is really financially challenging for you at this time in your life that you are unable to start this business opportunity. Then there’s another option.

Allow me to introduce to you an alternative option. We have another business opportunity where you can start with very little cash or even completely none at all to try and test it out.

Check out my other blog here for free/low cost alternative option for starting your own online business.



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25 thoughts on “What is Kangen Alkaline Water?”

  1. Castle

    I have always drunk a lot of water and I have seen lots of different types of water. This is the first time I have ever heard of Alkaline water. But it does make sense that drinking which is charged through ions making it Alkaline. Free radicles are dangerous and are known to be responsible for certain cancers.

    1. Mark

      Thanks for the feedback Castle. I’m glad you’ve found this blog informational. Cheers!

  2. Tony

    Very interesting article, a few years ago I came across alkaline water, and since I have been drinking nothing but alkaline water. Like you, I started tested bottled water and there are some out there that have good PH levels but the majority out there are quite acidic. They are not all bad though and there are some really good bottled water out there, just might be a bit more expensive than your standard water bottles. I have been purchasing my alkaline water from a local water store that fills up the big water bottles which saves some money but this is great to be able to have it at home without having to get it which could potentially save money in the long run. I am really going to have to look into this. Thanks for this!

    1. Mark

      Hi Tony, thanks for the feedback. Also not to burst your bubble that there is a simple way to test those bottled water claiming to be alkaline.

      You will need a liquid or water-based pH tester (here’s a link from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2FqeB6k and Enagic also sells one themselves too), and then put a few droplets into the water to tell you whether it’s acidic or alkaline.

      Now for those water bottles claiming to be alkaline water, one simple way to truly test them is to use a liquid pH tester and drop a few into the water. Then once the color turn to blue or purple, which indicates alkaline, take a straw and blow bubbles into the water. Do this for a couple of minutes and see if the color eventually turns to yellow (meaning acidic). These are the case for bottled waters that are chemically treated that converts them into alkaline.

      There is a Youtube video that tested this. 

      This is not the case with the Kangen alkaline water, because the water is transformed into alkaline + ionized state by letting them pass through high-grade platinum-dipped titanium plates.

  3. Thank you for sharing this review of what is kangen alkaline water. What a super educational write up this is. I learned quite a bit about PH levels in water. Now I want to check mine.

    As far as the business opportunity, it sounds great. The compensation plan is very easy to understand and they have a long track record. So, not to many red flags here. Plus, you can will the business to your children.

    Can you ONLY will your business to your children? If you do not have kids can you will it to your sister, brother, niece, nephew or spouse and so on?

    1. Mark

      Hi Sj, I’m glad you found this article super educational. Since I’ve learned about pH levels and/or the alkaline/acidity of the water that we drink, we’ve truly made it our advocacy to educate people with this life changing health benefits of the Kangen water machine.

      And yes, the business opportunity that comes along with this is truly amazing as well, from our point of view. Imagine having a business and a product that is not just promoting good health but is also a necessity to live and survive. And then there’s the global potential of this opportunity as well.

      As for your question about willing it to your siblings or other relatives instead of your children if you have none, from what I understand from Enagic’s policy I think it is possible. As per Enagic’s policy, the distributorship may be passed on to a rightful, legally-documented heir, provided that they fill out a new distributor application, together with a copy of the death certificate. In any case, this can be clarified with Enagic as well as they have a pretty good customer service that is very responsive in a timely manner. I hope that answers your question.

      If you are serious in considering this business opportunity and learning more about it, feel free to reach out to us and we can discuss further. Have a wonderful day and thanks for your feedback.

  4. David Koh

    Hi Mark,

    Yes, it is true that water is important for our body in terms of good health. The benefits of water are endless. A lot depend on the amount of water to consume daily. Way back, water hygiene is the most important. It is highly recommendable  to boil the water before drinking it. A good idea to leverage on a machine to cleanse and purify the water further. For even better health for individual and family. It is interesting to know that alkaline  water can have so much health benefits. True, i had not seen devices that cleanse and lower the water acidic level. The devices i came across were water dispensers that cleanse water for safer consumption. By removing the impurities in the water. 

    As for the business point of view, it look good. With products that ensure good health and so much other related benefits as well.

    Best wishes,

    David Koh

    1. Mark

      Thanks David. I’m glad you found it informational. Should you be interested with the product or even the business opportunity just feel free to reach out to us. Cheers!

  5. Rosalia

    Thank you for this review about Kangen water machine, and especially for stressing all the benefits – not only for us, but for the planet!

    I’ve always been careful the water I drink, because the point – as you mentioned – is that we are made up of water, and the better the quality of the water the better our health. And the problem is also the material of which bottles are made: plastic is bad, and I always try to get glass bottles but they are not always easy to find – and this product also solves this problem.

    1. Mark

      Thanks for the feedback Rosalia. That is true indeed, glass bottle is truly a better alternative to plastic bottles. There are plenty of glass bottles that you can find in Amazon (like this one for example: https://amzn.to/341IvrU). Or another option is stainless steel water bottles (such as this: https://amzn.to/2DQTtpe).

      If you are at that point that you’re truly decided & convinced to learn more about this Kangen water machine, let me know and we can discuss further. Cheers!

  6. Thank you this was really helpful. I’m used to drinking Fiji water, Essentia water and Alkaline smart water. I have always seen videos about kangen water machine but never knew the name for it, now i do. 

    Drinking water was the hardest for me as a child but as i start to develop into my true self i learned that the only thing we should be drinking is water.

    1. Mark

      Hi Ty, not intending to burst your bubble with Fiji, Essentia or Alkaline smart water, I suggest try measuring the pH level yourself to see if they are acidic or truly alkaline water (for the case of Alkaline smart water).

      You can purchase a liquid or water-based pH tester (here’s a link from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2FqeB6k and Enagic also sells one themselves too), that you can drop to the water and it will change it’s color and tell you whether it’s acidic or alkaline.

      Also with those water bottles claiming to be alkaline water, one way to truly test them is to (again) use a liquid pH tester and drop it into the water. At first it will likely turn the color to blue or purple, which indicates they are alkaline, however, if you take a straw and blow bubbles into the water, check and see if it eventually turns the color to yellow (meaning acidic). These are the case for bottled waters that are chemically treated to convert them into alkaline.

      This is not the case with the Kangen alkaline water, because the water is transformed into alkaline state by letting them pass through high-grade platinum-dipped titanium plates, so they are not just chemically treated.

      Hope that adds a bit more information for you. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing a Kangen machine for yourself or if you are even interested with the business opportunity that comes with this amazing product.

      Cheers and have a wonderful day!

  7. LineCowley

    This is the first time that I have come across Kangen alkaline water. Would it also remove impurities from the water? I live in an area with extremely hard water, so the pipes fur up, so I would need a water filter that also softens the water. 

    Although you say that Enagic is not a typical multi level marketing company, I do not see this as a business opportunity for me.

    1. Mark

      Hi LineCowley, yes the machine also remove impurities from the water. However, obviously different countries have differing qualities of water, and sometimes it is best to use a pre-filtration system first before allowing the water to go through the Kangen water machine. This way it also helps prolong the life of the filter of the Kangen water machine.

      It’s completely understandable if you are not interested in the business opportunity. We totally respect that. Let me know if you are interested with the product though. Cheers!

  8. Alblue

    Thank you for writing such an extensive review of Kangen Alkaline Water. My neighbor mentions about this water sometimes ago when chatting with my mom. It’s quite a surprising fact that it is helpful for our body. I’m not really interested to take part in the Enagic business model for now, but I’ll check other reviews about them first. Thank you very much.

    1. Mark

      It’s my pleasure to have informed you about the benefits of Kangen water. Let me know if you are interested with the product, though. It’s completely okay if you’re not interested to take part in the business side. Have a great day!

  9. John

    Good and quality products from Enagic

  10. Neil Brown

    Thanks for this review on Kangen-alkaline-water. The tap water we have is so polluted, even a water filter doesn’t do a good job. I never really knew anything about impurities in water or if bottled water wasn’t good for me, but after reading this review I am really thinking about trying out Kangen. I don’t know about the idea of promoting it, I have never really seen myself as a salesman or have the capital to put upfront, thanks for sharing this.

    1. Mark

      Hi Neil, I’m glad you learned something about Kangen water from what I’ve shared here. It is a sad reality that millions of people do not know how unhealthy regular tap water is and even bottled waters. This is the very reason why we wanted to share this with the world to raise awareness and hopefully start a change.

      As for promoting the product or being a salesman, I am no salesman myself. However, we have built a system that actually helps us big time to promote the product without us exerting a lot of efforts. Reach out to us if you are interested.

      Have a wonderful day!

  11. Ferra

    This is such a promising investment I am looking for. From your detailed and well-written review and the video presented in this post about Kangen Alkaline Water, I feel at ease and confident to join them. I am into health and wellness, so this is something I would enjoy doing.

    You mentioned that this is a global business. Due to the pandemic, my family and friends in Indonesia are struggling financially. I have told them that we need an extra stream of income by finding something that is not only promising but also going to be huge in the future. So I will try to be a member first and learn more about Kangen Alkaline Water and then will help my family and friends. Like many other businesses, I don’t mind working hard. I am not a get rich quick believer. What I like about Kangen Alkaline Water is that we don’t need to pay a sign-up fee and there is no monthly fee required as well. I think that is brilliant.

    Thanks again for sharing this review. I appreciate it.



    1. Mark

      Thanks Ferra. I’m glad you found value from my review. Feel free to reach out to us whenever you’re ready to take the next steps. Cheers!

  12. Letsret

    That was a real interesting article on water.  I had no idea bottled water was not good for me, I’ve been drinking so much of it lately thinking it was good.  Wow!  This machine sounds really interesting and I’m wondering does it run on electricity?  We live off grid and I’m wondering if there is a solar version of this machine?

    1. Mark

      Yes, same for us, the first time we tried experimenting and testing the acidity or alkalinity of the bottled water that we drink, we were truly surprised that they are most of the time acidic. Although we still drink bottled water in rare occasions if it can’t be helped, but now with our Kangen alkaline water machine, we usually just bring our own re-usable water bottles.

      As for your question if it runs on electricity, yes they do, although the different Kangen machines also differ in wattage. I don’t believe they have a solar version though. One option you can possibly do or maybe research it first, is to try storing the power into batteries and then connect the Kangen machine to it. However, I’m no solar panel or solar power expert so I can’t really say if that is really feasible. Just thought I’d make a suggestion.

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