Work from home business opportunity for 2018

Are you tired of working for a boss? Fed up keeping up with your 9 to 5 job? Do you feel enslaved by your employment and cannot see a way out? Let me introduce you to a potential work from home business opportunity for 2018.

The types of opportunities we’ll be discussing here are mainly utilizing the Internet. There are other work from home opportunities that are possible that can be done offline. That is not what I will be talking about here.

Let me start with what is a work from home business opportunity and its benefits.

What is a work from home business opportunity

This is pretty much self-explanatory. But to answer the question, being able to earn an income from home. That is whether through employment or a business endeavor and doing it from the comfort of home.

There was a time that this idea of home-based jobs or working from home was unthinkable. However, with the advancement of technology and the massive growth of the Internet, this has paved the way for opportunities that were once unimaginable.

One of which opportunity is being able to earn an income working from home.

Why work from home

Have you ever thought about the questions above? Can you relate to those questions?work job clock late running

If you have, then you are not alone. Statistics have shown that there is a rise in work from home opportunities and/or employment.

There are numerous benefits of working from home.

  • major benefit and very obvious is comfort of working from your own home
    • this include having the freedom to set up your own work space
  • no hassle of commuting to work
    • this also help reduce your carbon footprint to the environment
  • some have the option to define their own work schedule
    • so that you are not tied to a regular 9-5 routine but can have some flexibility
  • if employed, your employer also benefits from reduction of real estate space and utility consumption in the office

Any other ideas of benefits of working from home, let’s add them in the comment section below and let’s get a discussion going.

Who is home-based opportunities for

Work from home business opportunity or employment is usually feasible for the type of jobs that are mainly sitting in front of a computer and with an Internet connection.

We do recognize that this is not for everyone and also not always a viable option in every industry. As I stated above this article is more so about jobs that can be performed via your computer and the Internet.

Some examples I can think of are the following below.

  • Call center jobs
  • Technical support jobs
  • Software programmers
  • Online tutoring
  • Virtual assistants
  • Transcriptionists (i.e. medical transcriptionists)
  • Data entry
  • Freelance writing
  • Online selling or eCommerce website
  • Online or Affiliate marketing – check out my review for my recommended affiliate marketing training platform

These are some that I can think of for now but if you have any other ideas kindly share them in the comments section below.

Our focus: Online or Affiliate Marketing

All of that said, our main focus for this article is the last one from my list.

You are more than welcome to search for the other work from home opportunities mentioned above. However, I wanted to focus on the last one mainly because this is more of a business opportunity than a job working for an employer. Also, becoming an affiliate marketer does not require you to have a product or service of your own.

work from home business opportunity

What is Online or Affiliate Marketing

In a nutshell, think of affiliate marketing as you becoming an agent and selling someone else’s product or service. For each sale that you make, you are then paid a commission.

What product or service to sell will be completely up to your own preference. No one (i.e. a boss) will be dictating or pushing you to sell their product. You decide what product you want to promote and sell.

You also won’t have any quotas to struggle to meet. There is no pressure to achieve a certain amount of sales. As you can imagine this have its advantages and disadvantages.

Lastly, you are not limited on how to do your promotion or campaign. There are several ways of doing online or affiliate marketing.

How to become an Affiliate

All you need to become an affiliate marketer is an affiliate link for the products and services you wish to promote and sell.

There are hundreds and thousands of products and services being offered online that you can sign up or apply for as an affiliate marketer. Signing up is basically free. There are, however, some companies who would interview you first before approving your application and giving you your affiliate link.

Some examples of websites that offer affiliate marketing is Amazon (they call them Associates) and

You would also find a lot of Affiliate Networks, which is essentially a third party where one can find a pool of companies, products and services that one could join and become a marketer. Some examples of Affiliate Networks are Clickbank, JVzoo and CJ Affiliate.

Next I’ll introduce you to the various ways of doing affiliate marketing in order to start a work from home business opportunity.

Ways to do Affiliate Online Marketing

There are a couple or so common ways to do affiliate marketing. They are mainly the free version (or very minimal startup & execution cost) and the paid version.

digital marketing


This is the means where one can start by putting up a website and producing blogs or content or reviews of a product or service. Within your content is where you’ll be adding in your affiliate links for the product or service you are promoting.

This is the “almost free” version or very minimal startup and operating cost. Listed below are the common expenses that one will incur:

  • registration of domain name

    • this is optional if you don’t want to purchase your own domain name
    • although if you want to build your business and your own brand having your own domain name is crucial
    • cost would range from $10 to $15 per year
    • sample sites you can register for a domain: Hover, Namecheap, GoDaddy


  • web hosting for your site

    • there is also a way where you can find hosting services that are being offered for free
    • the drawback of free web hosting is that these usually have very limited features available to you
    • cost of a paid web hosting would start at less than $10 per month to as high as $1000 a month depending on the features and services being availed
    • sample sites you can get web hosting: GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator

And that’s pretty much it. The rest is up to you to write and produce content for your website.

A couple of other optional costs would be if you opt to utilize keyword research tool (more on this below). Also another one would be if you decide to outsource your content writing. This is the same freelance writer from the work from home jobs listed from the very beginning of this article.


search engine optimizationOne of the main consideration for blogging is search engine optimization (aka SEO). This basically means that as a blogger, you would want your contents to be ranked high with the search engines, like Google and Bing. This will make your blogs show up in the first few pages of the search results when someone searches for a keyword that’s related to your content.

As you can imagine, it would be a complete waste of time, effort and energy if you don’t get an audience to read your blogs. This will also lead to no sales and there goes your hopes for a successful work from home business opportunity.

Keyword research, therefore is very important when one opts to start a work from home business opportunity by blogging.

Therefore, it would be handy to have a tool that could help you do your keyword research. Sample sites that you can use for keyword research would be Jaxxy or Semrush. (My personal recommendation would be Jaxxy – check it out here.)

Let’s move on to the next one.

Email Marketing

With the email marketing approach, your bread and butter will be your email list. This route of online marketing would require you to have some capital to put into your business in order to operate.sales funnel

This is one of the paid version of executing your work from home business opportunity via email marketing.

You will have to build a sales funnel.

Here are the steps involved in building a work from home business opportunity utilizing the email marketing approach.

  1. Identify, target and build your audience
  2. Bring them to a landing or lead page
  3. Capture their email address and store it in a database
  4. Send them over to your affiliate link (sales page) to potentially convert a sale

There you have it, the gist of an email marketing business.

Process of email marketing

Below is how the process goes for email marketing.

  • Audience – one way to build your audience is by purchasing solo ads
    • Solo ads – you will have to purchase from a provider for an “x” amount of click at an agreed price
    • the Solo Ad provider will email their list with your campaign promotion
  • Landing Page – or also known as lead page where you offer something related to your promotion
    • when a user clicks on the link on the email from the solo ads provider, the user is brough to the Landing page
    • with your Landing page, you would usually offer something of value to attract the user to give you their email address
  • Email database – storage for email addresses and also known as an “Autoresponder”
    • when the user opts in with your offer and subscribes with their email address, it is then stored in a database
    • you’ll want to keep building on this email list
  • Sales page – the final sales pitch to attempt to convert a sale and earn a commission
    • after opting into your email list, the user is finally brought to a Sales page to potentially convert a sale

What’s the cost

I did mention this is a paid approach because there is a cost associated in almost every aspect of your sales funnel except on the final stage, which is the Sales Page.

In building your audience, you’ll need to purchase “x” clicks from a solo ads provider. This will depend on how many “x” clicks you want to purchase. There are different pricing models out there so you can search in Google for solo ads provider to get a better idea of their service and pricing.

With the landing page, there are sites that offer to build your one page website and the most common one is There are various pricing structure and you can go ahead and check it out from their website.

As for the email list database or also known as an “Autoresponder”, there are also several paid providers available online. They are called autoresponders because you can customize and automate different process of sending out emails to your list. This is basically what you are paying for: the customization and automation functionalities.

Now on to the last one.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Of the three ways or approaches of doing affiliate marketing, this one I would say would be the simplest to execute but it still come at a cost.

All you would need here is basically your affiliate link. You will then open an advertiser account with Google or Bing.

For example, with Google, you’ll have to open a Google AdWords account. Once you’ve got your account opened and set up, you’ll then build an ad that would target specific keywords, demographic and location. You will then specify the amount you’re willing to spend on a daily basis and submit your ad for approval to Google.

You will also be pointing your ad to your affiliate link that would lead your customer directly to the sales page of the product or service you are promoting.

Upon approval of your ad, Google will then display your ad (impression) whenever your targeted keywords and other criteria are met to the target audience. You will only get charged when your ad gets clicked by a user.

Drawback of PPC

With PPC advertising, you basically have built nothing but an ad. You don’t have an email list or a website.

In comparison with blogging, you can generate traffic to your website via SEO and keyword targeting and thereby promote your affiliate link from there without incurring any cost.

Also comparing PPC with email marketing, once an email marketer has built a sizeable list, then the cost also reduces and he/she now has a list where he/she can promote whatever product or service that he/she wishes also without incurring any further cost.

So which one is best?

Essentially all of these have their pros and cons and no one can really say which one is better or best from the rest.

You can even combine some or all of these approaches to boost your online business. Although, if you’re aiming to build a brand name for your business then obviously putting up a website would really be critical. It may not necessarily be a blog website but more for the purpose of building your brand.

My #1 recommendation

Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate

Check my #1 recommendation here for what I would say is the best affiliate marketing training platform, which is Wealthy Affiliate. Their training is geared more towards blogging due mainly to the consideration of lowering ones startup cost. It is FREE to try it out so go and signup and discover what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

There you have it folks. I hope this has been informative and thank you for taking the time to read. May you be successful in your endeavor in finding your dream work from home business opportunity!

Also leave me a comment for your feedback, questions and suggestions. Or like and share my page in FB.


8 thoughts on “Work from home business opportunity for 2018”

  1. Awesome Post! I agree with there are many work from home benefits. I personally like the fact that I can set my own hours and work when I please. I am glad that you mentioned what affiliate marketing and email marketing was. When I first started online. I had no idea what either were. You mentioned Wealthy Affiliate as being the best affiliate marketing training platform. I have to agree with you on that.

    I have learned so much from them that I probably would have quit if I never came across WA. They are also very cost effective. The value that is provided compared to other programs that I been involved with is amazing. I like to see informative post like yours, while helping so many people go in the right direction. I agree with Mark, Wealthy Affiliate is highly recommended!

    1. Mark

      Thanks for the feedback Lakisha. I think most of us looking for ways to earn an income working from home go through the same struggles. We get scammed or ripped off by extravagant promises that come with extravagant fees in order to get the information that we seek. One of my recent experience is with AWOL Academy (see my review here) who was asking astronomical subscription fee. And like you I am so grateful that I found Wealthy Affiliate and it opened a whole world of opportunities with what I have learned from their platform.


  2. Its an enlightening piece of work. Its something that most us are unaware of, that is, to run a successful business online from the comfort of our homes. Thanks.

    1. Mark

      Thanks for the feedback John. I myself can testify that this is legit and it works. Here’s a blog post I wrote for my first few dollars that I earned after roughly about two months of pouring into my website.

      Check my first few dollars income here.

  3. You covered all aspects of working from home in this article. Great Job! I am a big fan of working from home because it affords so much time freedom. It is very hard work but it is also very rewarding.

    I love Affiliate Marketing because it is such a low threshold to get started. The potential of affiliate marketing is endless in my opinion, which makes it so appealing.

    The key being successful in working from home in my opinion is to plug into some great training that will teach you how to be successful working from home. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mark

      Very true Nate. I do like to highlight your point that this would still involve “hard work”. It’s not easy and you really need to pour into this business opportunity in order to really be successful.

      You are also correct that having a great training where one can learn how to do this online marketing business is very crucial.

      Thank you for your feedback and insights.


  4. Vince

    Thanks for sharing this information. Navigating options for work at home business is difficult with many scams. I like how you’ve laid out the options on what’s available.
    I’ll be using your recommendations. Thanks.

    1. Mark

      I’m more than glad to help Vince. I do agree, there are a lot of scams out there and we need to be very cautious as we look for those legitimate online jobs or business opportunities.


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