Yoli Better Body System Scam

Here is my personal and honest review of the Yoli Better Body System scam argument. Is Yoli really legit or just another scam? I am here to give you the honest and unbiased truth about Yoli so read on!

What is Yoli

I will tell you right off the bat, Yoli is indeed a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Once a person decides to join and becomes a member, he/she can recruit other members that will be placed under him or herself and will earn residual income from their downline’s purchases and also their recruits.

multi-level marketingI know what you’re thinking then, Yoli is therefore a scam. Now hold on a second. If you are judging the company just because they are involved in multi-level marketing then I would say you’re probably biased on all MLM’s.

Do not get me wrong, I for one am also very skeptic when I get introduced with any MLM companies. As we all know, the structure of MLM’s is highly beneficial to those who are fortunate to have joined early and are higher up in the pyramid structure. They end up earning a hefty residual income from all the downlines. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that a company is out scamming people. It’s just their way of how they decided to structure their company and distribute the commissionable income across their members.

Think about it, isn’t a regular business, in some sense, has a MLM-type of structure? All those who are at the top from the CEO, down to the Managers, to the Supervisors, and to the Team Leads have some level of compensation that they receive out of the performance of their subordinates.

Therefore, to judge Yoli as a scam just based on their MLM structure is actually more biased.

Let’s look at their products

Yoli sells products that are nutritional supplements. At the very start, for those who decides to become customers, they sell their 28-day Transformation Kits as the recommended way to start with Yoli’s Better Body System program or lifestyle.

Transformation Kit

  • Alkalete – 2 bottles (capsule form)Yoli Transformation Kit
  • Yoli Essential Shake or YES – 4 boxes or 2 canisters (powder form)
  • Passion – 2 boxes or 1 canister (powder form) OR Thermo burn – 2 bottles (capsule form)
  • Pure – 1 bottle (capsule form)

The Transformation Kit includes four products. Number one is Alkalete, which is their flagship product, which main purpose is to help the body return to its healthy pH balance. Second is the Yoli Essential Shake (YES shake for short), which is a protein drink, that comes with either a chocolate or vanilla flavor. Third is the Passion or Thermo Burn, which is an energy booster. It is preferred that the Passion be used as a replacement for coffee. And lastly, the Pure which features an array of enzymes, fiber and probiotic that helps clean your gut and promotes healthy digestion and also supports your immune system.

Are their products really good?

As you research whether Yoli is really a scam or not, may I suggest that you put aside your biases on their business structure being a MLM and let’s look at their products.

The products that are included in the Transformation Kit are of high quality, all-natural and carefully designed to provide your body with the necessary nutrients to transform itself and become healthier.

The Yoli Better Body System is not just some weight loss or dietary supplement program. They are truly highly nutritional products. Although weight loss is one of the main byproducts of the body becoming healthier as it is shedding off the excessive fats in the body and maximizing one’s health.

Our personal testimony

As I mentioned above, I am also very skeptic when I get introduced with MLM companies. But I will be honest with you, yes, me and my whole family have joined and are personally consuming Yoli’s products even until now. We have been consumers of Yoli’s products for over a year now and we have no intention of stopping. So we have firsthand experience of their products’ quality and effectiveness.

The first time introduction

The first time Yoli was introduced to us, I was highly skeptic of it as soon as I realized that it was a MLM company or a pyramid structure. However, the person that introduced it to us is a very close family friend of ours whom we have come to trust and believe that she will never trick us for her own personal gain. Not to mention we are all part of one Bible Study or Care group. So if she has any ill intentions, she’s putting herself in real jeopardy.

What convinced us

What really sold Yoli to us was the immediate physical and health transformation that we have seen from our friend. And this, by the way, was just within one week of starting with Yoli’s Transformation Kit. I thought to myself, there is no such product that can give you a significant transformation just within one week!? It’s just not possible. Or so I thought. But like I said, we are very close to our friend and we know her very well that we truly saw the difference.

My wife and I got intrigued and that was the start. We decided that we would both try it out at the same time and opted to become a member, just so that we get some additional discounts on the Transformation Kits. However, our original intention was not really to recruit people to become members but rather to try the products themselves and if they really are that good then we would be happy consumers.

We were blown away

There we were, as soon as we received our Transformation Kit, my wife and I started with the program. And to our surprise, we were blown away by the results from our own physical bodies. I personally have lost about 10 lbs just in over one week and by the end of the 28 days I lost a total of 20 lbs. My wife’s was roughly about the same experience.

blown away

Our physical health has definitely improved. We have more energy every day and we can definitely feel and see the transformation of our bodies.

I forgot to mention that all of our entire care group decided to try Yoli and we all actually started at the same time. Guess what, all of us have seen physical health transformation! I’m talking about three families who have all seen transformation with our bodies. Again that is THREE families in all!!

That speaks volumes! We all became believers of Yoli’s products since then.

But wait there’s more

Families and friends and coworkers have also started noticing the transformation in us. People started asking us what have we done to have lost so much weight and having more energy than before.

Yoli’s product truly worked and truly transformed our lives physically that the transformation itself became the catapult for us to start sharing our experiences and testimonials with our families, friends and coworkers. This was also the start of the transformation in us from just being consumers to becoming Yoli “ambassadors” and this becoming a business for us. We truly became believers of the products that we just can’t help not to share them to others.

If there is any opportunity that we can help any of our friends and families to also experience transformation and become healthier and live longer, why will we withhold that opportunity from them?

Check my previous post here to watch a video introduction about Yoli.

How does one join

There’s two ways to join Yoli. Actually, three if I’ll include the non-discounted retail consumer. Obviously, every one of us would like to receive some discount so I’ll only be focusing on the two ways to join Yoli.

  • Joining as a Preferred Customer

Joining as a Preferred Customer is the best way to start with Yoli. If you want to test out their product and see if it is indeed worth it then this is the route you’ll likely want to start with.

Preferred Customers also have the 30-day money back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose but your health to gain. You will be purchasing the Transformation Kit at around 15% discount from the retail price.

As a PC, you cannot refer (or recruit) a friend to join as a PC or a Member. Only Members can do that.

  • Joining as a Member

This route of joining Yoli is for those who are already convinced that they are all in. This of course is a bit pricier as you’ll have to buy four (4) Transformation Kits for the price of roughly 3-3.5 (plus shipping & taxes). It is important to note that the same discount applies for PC (Preferred Customers) and Members.

The main difference is that as members, you have the option to recruit other members or add your own PC customers. Also you will earn commissions and bonuses as you work the business.

So is Yoli a scam? (The Verdict)

If you can look past their business structure of being an MLM and just be willing to try out their products, I can personally attest to the highest quality of their products that they offer and the health transformation that is your benefit to gain.

Who knows, you might just be blown away by your results as well!

I encourage you to try it out! Yoli themselves are so sure of their products that they offer money back guarantees. Below is an excerpt from their company policies and procedure.

  • Yoli offers a 100% 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee to Customers (includes PreferredCustomers) on opened and unopened products that are returned to the company within 30 days from the date of delivery to the Customer. If the order is received between 31 and 90 days from the date of delivery, the Customer is eligible to receive a 90% refund (10% restocking fee applied). Returned items received back to the Corporate office after 90 days from Customer delivery date are not refunded.

So what are you waiting for? You have basically nothing to lose and your healthier transformation to gain.

Click here NOW to order online and choose the Transformation Kits OR feel free to comment below and reach out to me if you have any questions.

Have a blessed day everyone!

5 thoughts on “Yoli Better Body System Scam”

  1. I agree that SOME MLMs are not so legit–but some are. I am involved in one as well and love the products first and foremost. It sounds like that’s the case with you and Yoli–if it works for you and your family, of course you’re going to tell friends and family about it!!! MLMs get a bad rap–look at the PRODUCTS first and see if you like them, then worry about everything else. Great review.

    1. Mark

      Thanks Hillary. I agree, verify the company’s products first and if they are indeed really good then it would be easy to share with others and will definitely sell with the right people that are looking for the same.


  2. So what is the cost? IS Yoli cheaper or better quality than other products. Have you tried other products and had poor results and therefore recommendations of products to stay away from. I can see the benefit of going through a company like this. If you are taking supplements anyway, why not make money at the same time.

    1. Mark

      Totally agree Jason. If we can maintain and promote healthy bodies for ourselves why not make some money on the sides from it. Which is exactly what happened to us.

      The cost for the Transformation Kit is US$340 for the whole 28-day program, which is roughly about $12/day. This is however, not your monthly cost because once you’ve transformed to a more healthy lifestyle and weight, then all you need is to maintain your supplement with the Alkalete, which lowers your cost to $35/month. Admittedly the Transformation Kit is expensive right off the bat, but as the name implies it will definitely transform your health so the benefits far outweighs the cost. We can never really put a price on our health.

      As for comparison with other products, I have tried several in the past, such as Amway and Herbalife and a few others I can no longer remember, but with all of them, I did not really notice any health transformation.

      I hope that answers your questions.


      1. Mark

        And also I forgot to mention, there is a discounted option for the cost of their product, which is becoming a Preferred Customer and that gives you about 15% OFF the retail price. The only catch is that you’ll have an Autoship every month but that is completely customizable and you can even move the schedule around as you see fit especially if you still have some products left that you haven’t completely consumed.

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