Yoli Philippines Goes Live in 2018

The Yoli Better Body company is now open and live for business in the Philippines as of late February 2018!

You’ve read that right, Yoli has now expanded its operations in the Philippines. Yoli Philippines goes live in 2018! The Filipino people now has a unique chance to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. I’m calling out to all my friends and family as this is an amazing opportunity to get involved.

Yoli Philippines goes live in 2018

Yoli Philippines goes live in 2018

Mga kababayan ano pang hinihintay nyo, sali na! Kung mayroon pa kayong pag aalinlangan, ayos lang. Please continue reading on.

Yoli background

This company was founded back in 2009 by Robby Fender and four other of his friends (Check Yoli’s history here). Since Yoli first launched their mission has been to transform lives physically, emotionally and financially. The company has stayed true to this mission even up to this present.

They produce high quality, natural health products that can truly transform one’s physical. My family and I can attest to this.

My background

We first got introduced to Yoli by a friend back in June of 2016. We were impressed with their product quality and the transformation testimonies that we heard. My wife and I decided that we’ll try it out together.

Our original intention was to just try it out. I can honestly say, that was one of the best decisions that we’ve made. Over a year later we are still faithful and regular consumers of the Yoli products. I don’t foresee us leaving ever.

Our testimony

If this is the first time you’re reading this, then let me be the first to tell you that this company is legit. Yoli has truly accomplished their mission in our lives. My family and I will attest that we’ve truly been transformed.

  • Physical transformation

My wife and I indeed have seen physical transformation with our bodies. We have shed off excess body fats in just a matter of days when we first tried it out.

Since then with just maintaining our regular consumption, we’ve kept our healthy weight and have never gone back.

  • Emotional transformation

It goes without saying that if you feel good about your body, your emotional well-being also improves. You feel confident with the way you look. No more feeling of insecurity. You are also satisfied emotionally because you feel really good.

This is also true with us as we’ve seen emotional transformation in our lives. We’re mostly generally happy and feel good most of the time.

  • Financial transformation

Finally, Yoli has transformed our lives financially as well. It has not only improved our health, it has also given us an opportunity to earn extra income on the sides.

Realize, my wife and I are not sales people by trade. So in essence I am not really good with selling. But over time as our friends saw the transformation in us physically and emotionally they started asking questions.

Basically all we did was consumed Yoli and change to a healthy lifestyle and the financial transformation follows. This is because people would notice and would start asking questions. Then we just point them to Yoli and let the products speak for themselves.

Check my review

I’ve written a review here about Yoli and their products. Check it out!

In conclusion

To wrap this up, if you are interested, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’ll be more than delighted to introduce you to one of the best if not ultimately the best health products that can truly transform your life. You may also leave your questions, feedback and reactions in the comments section below.

If you are one of those that are convinced that you want to try Yoli’s products right away. Enroll as a Preferred customer here.

Or if you just simply want to try the product out without subscribing as a preferred customer or as a member you can get it from Amazon here.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderfully blessed day!


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